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Esthe Pro Labo

Esthe Pro Labo Seven Factor Proteoglycan Supplement Jelly

Esthe Pro Labo Seven Factor Proteoglycan Supplement Jelly

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One jelly stick contains 7600 mcg of proteoglycans derived from salmon cartilage and 2,000mg of low-molecular-weight(900〜1,100Da) fish collagen.


Proteoglycans are the most useful high-molecular compounds that make up for their own deficiency in the intercellular layer of the skin and joints.


- Increases epidermal cell growth factor.

-Stimulates frequent and rhythmic formation of new cells in the body.

- influences the natural production of hyaluronic acid by the body.

In addition, the composition of the jelly includes fish micro-collagen, rice ceramides, medium molecular weight nano-hyaluronic acid, artichoke cynaropicrin extract, organic blue agave extract, extracts of five herbs (patchouli, sage, Tilia miqueliana, Siraitia grosvenorii and hypericum erectum), enzymes from 113 kinds of fruits and vegetables that have undergone an enzyme fermentation process.

Contains organic sweetener made by compressing juice from blue agave organically cultivated in the village of Teqila of Jalisco, Mexico, the World Heritage Site.  The GI value of it is only 21± 4.

Consuming just 1 stick/day using trace elements that make up the jelly fill the skin with moisture, restore its firmness and elasticity and strengthen joints and immunity.

Fruity taste with sourness that can act as a dessert replacement during a diet.

Contains no artificial flavors, colors or synthetic sweeteners.

Made in Japan following Japanese quality standards. The product has passed all the necessary tests and has certificates of quality and safety.

How to consume: Take 1-2 sticks per day.

Volume: 30 sticks 20 g each.

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