About Us

Welcome to Beauty Ninja ūü•∑ūüíē

I first came to Japan in 2012 as a language exchange student and started to model part time as soon as I arrived.

Entering the Japanese commercial industry, I was amazed how local make-up artists treated my skin before doing¬†my make up. Every single time they started with cleansing, massage, multi-layer moisture and even a face mask!¬† Every master had his/her own ‚Äėknow-how‚Äô and no-one would¬†ever¬†start applying make-up without a basic skincare routine, even if we were in a hurry.

Soon after, I noticed my usually dry flaky skin change drastically. I looked in the mirror and saw fresh, plump, glowing skin for the first time since my teenage years. At that moment I was hooked.

I became a regular at Tokyo skincare stores. If you've been to Japan you would agree with me, its like a museum here. Endless shelves of skin potions with many different ingredients and benefits. Before coming to Tokyo I only knew a few Japanese skincare brands, maybe less than 5. Here I saw thousands of them! And with that, Japanese skincare became my passion.

After graduating from university I joined an export company and started shipping Japanese skincare to Europe. I was in heaven - testing new brands, meeting brand founders and visiting their offices/ salons/ skin clinics. The most important thing I learned is Japanese cosmetics have the most advanced formulations in the world. 

The second thing I learned? Japanese cosmetics manufacturing is also the most advanced. They are proud of their products and each and every brand has its own history. They are SO hardworking and careful - checking 100 times before making any decisions. I have seen the industry from the inside and I know - they will make cosmetics more than perfect before deciding to put it on the shelves for consumers.

After seeing how Japanese skincare transformed people's lives by restoring their confidence, the question arose: Why not share these brands with the world? 

And so, Beauty Ninja was born.

All our brands are carefully picked and come from the most reputable clinics and manufacturers.

We concentrate on high-end boutique brands. I like to find and share hidden skincare gems that have never been introduced to the global market before. Moreover, we've built strong relationships with our brands. All our products come straight from the manufacturer to make sure you're getting the freshest stuff.

We are located in Tokyo and only use express delivery to make sure you get your skincare goodies stress-free and in the shortest time possible.

I hope you'll like our selection of Japanese skincare. I'm confident it will change your skin the same way it changed mine. Because I know how important it is for a woman to be confident in her own skin.

And if you don’t know where to start - read this article about the basic Japanese skincare routine.

We would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@beautyninja.me