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Spa treatment

Spa Treatment Airare Essence Serum

Spa Treatment Airare Essence Serum

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Manufacturer: Spa Treatment, Japan

Volume: 20ml

Spa Treatment Airare Essence Serum — A beauty essence & serum for daily use that nurtures healthy skin and rejuvenates from within.

The gel-based formula quickly absorbs in to skin, without leaving any sticky residue.

It contains succinoyl atelocollagen, a type of collagen, and polysaccharide derived from white fungus, which deeply hydrates and nourishes dry, rough skin.

Other Key Ingredients:

Bai Cha Extract (White Tea leaf extract) is known for its natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and protective abilities. It helps to treat and prevent wrinkles, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, sunburn, and dehydration.

Alps Glacial Water is know for it's superior moisturizing power. It has the ability to to help the skin maintain moisture over a long period of time.

Also formulated with a luxurious blend of botanical ingredients: rosemary, lavender, aloe vera leaf water, canina rose fruit, red clover flower, jojoba, olive, sage leaf and tea seed oil extracts — that deeply moisturize and soothe skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

How to use: Take 3-4 drops and gently apply to entire face. Follow with moisturizer.

Skincare step:

Ingredients: Water, BG, glycerin, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, carbomer, PPG-6 decyltetradeceth-30, hydroxide K, aloe vera leaf water, ethanol, olive fruit oil, white fungus polysaccharide, jojoba seed oil, sesame oil, tea seed oil , lecithin, tea leaf extract, hawthorn fruit extract, rose canina fruit extract, sage leaf extract, lavender flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, succinoyl atelocollagen, cucumber fruit extract

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