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Plamine Core Care MINAMOTO

Plamine Core Care MINAMOTO

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Manufacturer: Plamine

Volume: 30 servings of 15g (450g)

Product Description:

Plamine Corecare Minamoto — An innovative supplement that acts in two directions — fights against chronic fatigue and problem skin in adults.

This powder supplement contains about 100 types of minerals in a chelated form of natural origin - from sea salt. This form provides maximum bioavailability of minerals, and their correct balance often helps to relieve the state of chronic fatigue.

Plamine Corecare Minamoto’s composition also helps improve the condition of those who often catch colds and are prone to edema.

The second key ingredient is wild watermelon juice extract.

The wild watermelon of the Kalahari desert is the source of all varieties of watermelons. In Japan, they researched its amazing health properties and began to cultivate it for use as part of nutraceuticals.

Wild watermelon juice extract improves skin condition, and also improves liver function, including stress caused by alcohol and medication.

The main component of watermelon juice, known as the amino acid citrulline, reduces fatigue and muscle weakness.

This supplement comes in powder form.

How to use: Drink one powder stick a day with water. Best when chilled. Has a sweet and slightly sour/salty refreshing taste of watermelons. Portion bags are easy to store in the refrigerator.

Daily dose - 1 stick.

Ingredients: Watermelon juice (domestic production), fructose-glucose liquid sugar (domestic production), sea salt / trehalose, apple acid, flavoring, vitamin B₂

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