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Plamine CLIONE Spa For Scalp Care

Plamine CLIONE Spa For Scalp Care

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Manufacturer: Plamine

Weight: 141 g

Plamine CLIONE Spa — A combination of technology and scalp care!

The Plamine CLIONE Spa uses two different LED that help contribute to a healthy scalp and hair growth:

Blue LED reacts with the porphyrin of P. acnes, which causes acne, and generates active oxygen to kill P. acnes. Blue LED is also said to have the effect of suppressing sebum secretion and contracting pores. It cares and leads to a clean scalp.

Red LED activates skin tissue by stimulating capillaries to promote blood flow and lymphatic flow.

The unique brush design is shaped to perfectly match the scalp and follow the shape of the head, making the brush able to fix closer to the head and comb through hair with ease!

Soft “pins” are used to avoid damaging delicate skin & scalp. The rounded tip and double-step pin allow the brush to enter the pores of the scalp and remove dirt from the scalp gently & easily.

Increases hair volume with regular use!

Water-proof & Safe for use while taking a shower or bath.

With a waterproof function of Level IPX6, you can easily use it in the bath. You can care for your scalp while shampooing!

How to use:


Comb the hair for 3-10 minutes, the front needle balls have different lengths which is able to gently rub and care for the fragile scalp. With LED light therapy mode, it can promote blood circulation, enhance the functional activity of hair follicle cells, activate damaged hair follicles, and improve hair loss


Comb the hair for 3-10 minutes, equipped with a unique comb needle design that can fits the scalp perfectly to massage the scalp in different angle. It helps promote blood circulation, strengthen hair roots, and relieve the fatigue of the day to achieve a high sleep quality.

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