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NANOA Liftia Pore Vacuum

NANOA Liftia Pore Vacuum

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NANOA Liftia Pore Vacuum is a premium pore suction device developed in collaboration with dermatologists, designed for those concerned about pore congestion, blackheads, and rough skin texture.

It utilizes vacuum suction technology to target pores, blackheads, and dead skin cells. By gently suctioning the pores, it effectively cleanses and refines your skin, leaving it beautifully rejuvenated.

It features a 3-level suction adjustment function. Users with sensitive skin can opt for the "low" setting, while those with oily skin can choose the "medium" setting, and individuals with dry skin can select the "high" setting. This allows you to customize the device according to your skin's needs.

The device comes with 5 different head attachments that can be used for various facial areas and skin types:

  • The "large circular head" is ideal for larger areas like the T-zone
  • The "medium circular head" provides stronger suction power
  • the "small circular head" is perfect for targeting smaller areas
  • the "oval head" is recommended for the nose and corners of the mouth
  • the "ultra-small circular head" can be used for delicate areas such as the eye and lip area.
【How to Use】After cleansing, open up your pores with a warm towel or steamer. Attach your preferred head attachment and slide it gently over your skin. After use, follow up with a moisturizing treatment such as a face mask or cream.


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