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Meeth Plus Silky Body Scrub

Meeth Plus Silky Body Scrub

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Transformation dry, bumpy skin with Meeth Plus Silky Body Scrub!

This exquisite scrub delicately exfoliates to banish unwanted dead skin cells while replenishing essential minerals, revealing skin that's irresistibly smooth and velvety soft.

Infused with nature's finest ingredients including Hibamata, an extract obtained from seaweed, and renowned for its skin-tightening properties. As well as Apricot Seeds which are rich in antioxidants,  essential fatty acids, and provide gentle exfoliation and boost skin hydration.

Other Key Ingredients:

Sea Salt helps to slough off dead skin cells, stimulate cell turnover, and reduces dryness

Ceramide NP reinforces skin's barrier strength to better resist external stressors, as well as improve dry & dehydrated skin.

Collagen improves skin elasticity and hydration.

Lactobacilli Acidophilus helps decrease the production of sebum, reduces skin irritation, and balances skin’s PH levels.

Recommended for:

+ Those who are concerned about skin problems on the body.

+ Those who are concerned about rough, dry skin.

Just like Meeth &Skin Oil, this body scrub has a subtle but luxurious and relaxing floral woody scent.

How to use: Use once or twice a week.

Ingredients: Sea salt, Water, Glycerin, Cocamide DEA, (C12,13)-Palace Sulfate Na, Lauroylmethylalanine Na, Apis mellifera, Hibamata extract, Spiny dogtooth violet/Hijirimen/Mitsuishikonbu/Usubaoinori/Wakame extract, Mitsuishikonbu/Wakame extract, Lactobacillus acidophilus/Yoshinashi fruit juice Fermented liquid, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, ceramide NP, albumin, cellulose gum, hydroxyethylcellulose, caramel, cocamidopropyl betaine, BG, fragrance

Volume: 210g

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