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Ginza Tomato

Ginza Tomato CHIECO Treatment C

Ginza Tomato CHIECO Treatment C

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Manufacturer: Ginza Tomato, Japan

Volume: 150g

Ginza Tomato CHIECO Treatment C — A nourishing hair mask with rose placenta and sea silt extracts.

The thick creamy texture of this treatment gently coats each strand of hair, leaving it smooth and easy to style, and helps it maintain shape all day long!

Regular use of the mask allows you to enhance the natural beauty of the hair and achieve luxurious results:

  • Restores hair structure
  • Moisturizes the scalp and removes irritation
  • Restores shine & radiance
  • Boosts hair volume
  • Gets rid of brittle and split ends
  • Makes curls more luscious

The active ingredients of this treatment penetrate deep into the hair’s structure and strengthens hair cells from the inside, restoring elasticity and thickness!

The premium care product is based on unique patented Ginza Tomato extracts:

1. Damask rose placenta extract — restores the internal structure of the hair, strengthens the hair follicles and accelerates blood circulation. Rose extract strengthens hair, eliminates split ends and promotes active hair growth.

2. Sea silt extract — contains healing properties and provides hair with comprehensive care. This extract regenerates damaged hair, restores shine and generously saturates each strand with nourishing micro elements. Sea silt transforms curls, returns them to their natural beauty, color saturation and gives hair a gentle radiance.

The luxurious natural composition of the CHIECO Treatment C bottle is an opportunity to enjoy a premium spa treatment right in your own home. All the richness of the sea and roses in one bottle!

Ginza Tomato beauty products are petroleum free.

How to use: Take a coin size amount of the mask and warm up in the palm of your hands with circular motions. Apply a small amount to freshly washed hair and scalp and leave on for 10-15 minutes.

Ideally, wrap your hair in a shower cap and put a towel over your head. This will provide the mask with deeper penetration into the hair structure and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Rinse out with warm water.

Ingredients: Water, cetearyl alcohol, cyclopentasiloxane, behentrimonium chloride, dimethicone, sea silt extract, damask rose placenta culture extract, sunflower seed oil, glyceryl stearate, dialkyl (C12-18) dimonium chloride, caramel, isopropanol, Citric acid, pentylene glycol, ethanol, fragrance, phenoxyethanol



As with all cosmetics and beauty products, it’s always recommended to test it on a small area of your body first, to make sure it is compatible with your body and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Stop using CHIECO Treatment C if:

1. The scalp is damaged by fresh scratches, wounds, irritations, eczema or swelling.

2. You have an individual intolerance to certain components of the treatment.

3. In the process of applying the treatment, you began to feel a burning sensation, itching or other discomfort.

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