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Face Wash Foaming Net

Face Wash Foaming Net

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Product Description

This mesh easily and quickly whips up a thick, soft foam from your favorite gel or cream face wash!

What is the advantage of using the mesh?

With a mesh, you only need to use a pea-size of product in order to create a luxurious foam that’s enough to wash the entire face, making it an incredibly economical face tool!

Provides deep cleansing

Fine bubbles work better than poorly lathered soaps or other cleansers. This mesh creates a thick foam that easily penetrates into the pores.

Avoids unnecessary hand-to-face contact and friction.

How to useAdding a pea size amount of cleanser or a beauty soap bar into the net, rub it with some water so it can lather up to create a large foam.

A must-have item for those who desire a thick lather for a gentle but deep clean!

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