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COMOACE Serisage Grace Trial Set

COMOACE Serisage Grace Trial Set

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A rejuvenating skincare mini-kit infused with silk. Developed by Seiren, a brand with over a century of experience in silk processing, Comoace has conducted extensive research on silk's benefits for the skin. Their unique findings revealed the presence of sericin, a silk protein akin to human epidermis, making Comoace's silk cosmetics safe and effective for all skin types.

Included in the set:

Designed for anti-aging care, this set targets concerns like dryness and sagging.

Unique Features:

The key ingredient is pure sericin, extracted from silk using a proprietary method. This Pure Sericin penetrates the skin better and faster than hyaluronic acid, creating a veil-like film on the skin's surface to control moisture and prevent dehydration. It smooths the skin, evens out the complexion, and shields against UV damage.

How it works:

  • The lotion boasts 8 natural extracts grown across Japan, guarding against hormonal aging while deeply moisturizing, smoothing wrinkles, and restoring the skin on a cellular level. It strengthens the skin barrier, maintains optimal moisture levels, oxygenates the skin, shields against urban stressors, regulates sebum production, combats inflammation, and leaves the skin clean, healthy, and elastic.
  • The emulsion protects against photoaging, eliminates flakiness, enhances elasticity, heals minor wounds, acts as an antiseptic, smooths the skin texture, boosts collagen production, and moisturizes deeply.
  • The cream kick-starts cell renewal, providing a potent anti-aging effect, oxygenating the skin, protecting against urban stressors, regulating sebum production, combating inflammation, and evening out the skin tone. It removes excess fluid from cells, smooths the skin texture, boosts collagen production, maintains moisture, heals minor damage, and strengthens the skin's immunity.

Experience the transformative power of Comoace Serisage Grace Trial Set and embrace ageless beauty with every application.

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