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Belulu Platina EMS Beauty Roller

Belulu Platina EMS Beauty Roller

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Belulu Platinum EMS is a new beauty roller that allows you to do "beautiful muscle training" to create a healthy feminine body line and lymphatic drainage as you would by a professional esthetician.

※This is an esthetic treatment and does not have an adverse effect on the body.

This originally developed roller with a brilliant design firmly takes care of the areas of concern. Just by moving it around your body, it feels like a comfortable professional massage!

Make your face and body firm with EMS!

EMS can be moved without difficulty by pseudo-reveying electrical signals to the muscles. You can enjoy stress-free exercise, so it's perfect for those who are too busy to go to the gym or those who are not good at exercising.

The strength of the EMS can be adjusted according to your face and body.

The Belulu Platinum EMS is equipped with a red beauty LED light inside for beautiful skin support.

The red LED light has an anti-aging effect that gives firmness to the skin from the inside, and is used regularly in many beauty salons and beauty treatments.

In addition to rollers for the body, there are also rollers for eye care.

The special designed eye care rollers take care of eyes that are worn out from using a computer or smartphone.

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