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Belulu Face Wash Brush Fururu

Belulu Face Wash Brush Fururu

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Manufacturer: Belulu

Product Description:

Belulu Face Wash Brush Device Fururu —- A silicone face wash brush device that helps give your skin a deep cleanse with gentle vibrations.

Clean up & refresh your skin by lifting up make up, dirt, and bacteria from deep within your pores, and promote blood circulation.

With regular use of this face washing device you can turn dirty, dull, troubled skin in to clean, glowing radiance!

Wash your face with gentle vibration

You can adjust the strength to your preference with the minus and plus button.

The device will vibrate accordingly to the strength setting preferences.

Made of silicone, always clean

It's easy to rinse off any remaining facial cleanser on the brush and thanks to the silicone material, keeping it clean is a breeze!

The charging port is not waterproof. Be careful not to get it wet with water. Also, please do not put too much water on it or leave it wet or in water.

Because it's USB chargeable, it's very easy to use.

This device is a USB chargeable type that doesn't require battery replacement, so it's very convenient.

It is also possible to charge from a PC or mobile battery.

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