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AXXZIA AG Theory Cleansing oil

AXXZIA AG Theory Cleansing oil

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Manufacturer: Axxzia

Volume: 130ml

Product Description:

The premium line AXXZIA AG Theory is a powerful counteraction to age-related skin glycoaging.

AXXZIA two-phase makeup remover is excellent even for water-resistant makeup, is gentle on the eyes and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean.

The AG Theory brand complex protects the skin from protein glycation processes.

The product contains two components in one: a non-polar oily substance and a water-based polar substance. Acting on the principle of "similar dissolves in similar" the oil base completely removes cosmetics and impurities, and the water base fights fat residues on the skin, revitalizing it.

In Axxzia AG Theory products, the anti-glycation effect is achieved by a patented complex of horse chestnut, psyllium and saxifrage extracts.

Glycation is a natural bodily process that occurs when sugar and proteins in the body interact. While this process can not be completely stopped, it can be prevented before leading to devastating consequences it has on the skin.

*Sugar molecules attach to protein compounds and lead to their destruction, which inhibits the natural production of collagen, and disrupts the renewal process of epidermis cells leading to dull skin and wrinkles.

Other key ingredients include yuzu citrus extract, rice bran extract, gentian and mulberry, which are rich in flavonoids and arbutin, lighten and cleanse the skin of pigmentation, evening out the tone.

When used together with other products of the AG Theory line, glycation won’t stand a chance of disturbing the balance and youthfulness of your skin!

How to use: since the ingredients are divided into two layers, shake the bottle before use to mix the contents, take the required amount of product on your hands, gently massage onto your face, rinse with water.

Skincare step:

Ingredients: sunflower oil, glycerin, three (capric acid/capric acid) glyceryl, water, PEG-20 glyceryltriisostearate, sorbitan isostearate, lumex ocsidentalis extract, ascorbic acid, ascorbylglucoside, hydrolyzed rice bran extract, gentian root extract, magva root extract, Tochinoki seed extract, broad-leaved plantain seed extract, Yukinoshita extract, blueberry leaf extract, yuzu fruit extract, docudami extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, glucosylgesperidine, hydrolyzine, hydrolyzanocalamin, gardenia extract, gardenia extract, ethylcinaltino acid, chloride flavoring 2irrin, chloride

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