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AFC Zinc Supplement

AFC Zinc Supplement

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Zinc plays a vital role in protein and DNA synthesis, facilitating swift wound healing, injury recovery, and muscle repair. It fortifies the immune system's defense against bacteria and viruses while also regulating hormonal balance.

Furthermore, zinc is integral to metabolism, immune function enhancement, and possesses potent antioxidant properties. It activates over two hundred enzymes crucial for food digestion and the absorption of essential nutrients.

By reducing cortisol levels, the stress hormone, zinc promotes cardiovascular health and aids in clearing cholesterol and triglycerides from blood vessels.

Additionally, zinc contributes to maintaining beauty by revitalizing dull hair, promoting hair growth, and fortifying nails.

A daily dose (2 tablets) contains 27 mg of zinc.

How to use: take at the same time 2 tablets a day after meals.

*It is recommended to consult a physician before use

Product ingredients

yeast (containing zinc), lactose, cellulose, ester of glycerol and fatty acids

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