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AFC Propolis Supplement

AFC Propolis Supplement

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Propolis, rich in 250 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, boasts numerous health benefits, making it a formidable supporter of overall well-being.

- It regulates calcium metabolism, enhancing bone and joint strength.

- Propolis bolsters immunity and expedites the healing process.

- It reduces cholesterol levels and fortifies blood vessel walls.

- The substance enhances dental and oral health.

- Propolis aids gastrointestinal function.

For women, propolis offers tailored benefits:

- Alleviates menstrual discomfort and restores regularity.

- Balances hormonal levels.

- Promotes hair growth and resilience.

- Exhibits potent antioxidant properties, enhancing skin health.

- Propolis normalizes metabolic processes, making it beneficial during dietary regimes.

- It serves as a preventive measure against varicose veins.

How to use: take 3 tablets a day at a time, drinking water.

A serving of 3 tablets contains 400 mg of propolis.

Volume: 60 tablets (course for 20 days).

*It is recommended to consult a physician before use

Product ingredients

rice flour (produced in Japan), starch syrup with reduced maltose content, propolis extract, powder mushrooms agaricus (champignons), powder mushrooms Grifola curcas, powder mushrooms Reishi, powder chaga, powder mushrooms Shiitake, powder extract Echinacea, dextrin, licorice powder / cellulose, fine silicon dioxide, fatty acid ester sucrose.

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