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AFC Premium Lutein 25 Supplement for eye health

AFC Premium Lutein 25 Supplement for eye health

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AFC Premium Lutein 25 supplement features two vital carotenoids—zeaxanthin and lutein—crucial for optimal visual acuity and overall eye health. This formulation aids in arresting the progression of age-related eye ailments while alleviating fatigue and strain following extended periods of computer use.

Concentrated in the macula and lens of the eye, lutein and zeaxanthin shield against age-related degeneration and oxidative stress, preserving vision clarity and detail discernment.

Furthermore, these potent compounds safeguard the eyes from the harmful effects of high-energy blue light emitted by device screens and ultraviolet rays.

Contains: lutein (25 mg) and zeastaxanthin (2 mg).

How to use: take 1 capsule a day after meals.

Volume: 30 capsules

*It is recommended to consult a physician before use

Product ingredients

edible oil, gelatin, DHA/EPA, blueberry extract, black currant extract/glycerin, emulsifier, calendula pigment, bisbentiamine, antioxidant (VE), vitamin B12

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