The Best Dry Skin Serums

The Best Dry Skin Serums

Are you tired of having dry skin? Are you looking for an end-all, long-term solution to brighten and hydrate your skin? Dry skin is no fun, yet it’s a condition that many people deal with year after year. 

Dry skin can cause your skin to have a dull look, even resulting in cracking and flaking. It might make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. It can be difficult to treat and have lasting effects on your skin.

We understand what you’re going through. So, this article provides an array of high-quality serums designed specifically to treat dry, flaky skin. The following products also improve other skin issues, including tightening, brightening, and giving you a youthful look. 

These products are made with thoroughly researched ingredients that are proven to work. Continue reading to find the best dry skin serum that will make you glow!

AVEAUTE Deep 2SC Serum

The AVEAUTE serum offers a high-quality, powerful solution that truly provides results. The low molecular formula of this serum quickly penetrates your skin, giving elasticity and radiance.

The serum’s first ingredient is raw collagen peptide, which helps to increase your skin’s density and elasticity while effectively moisturizing. 

There are also 2 types of Stem Cell extracts that stimulate fibroblasts to rejuvenate your skin and make it smoother and more radiant. Fullerene provides antioxidant protection.

Retinol and proteoglycans both provide moisturizing, wrinkle reduction and stimulation of collagen synthesis. 

The botanical complex contains mallow, fig fruits, mulberry, peony, and geranium extract for cell renewal and collagen and elastin production. These ingredients are all tested to be safe for use on dry skin.

 AVEAUTE Deep 2SC Serum


Komenuka Bijin Eye Moist Gel Serum with Rice Bran

If you’re looking for a serum that is affordable yet works wonders, we’ve got the product for you! This gel serum is specifically made for around your eyes and mouth, or areas of sensitive skin.

The gentle solution moisturizes the affected area, which prevents dry skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines around your eyes and mouth. This formula is formulated to keep your skin young and healthy with additional moisturizing properties. 

The ingredients in this serum have been researched and combined for the perfect combination of moisturizing and anti-aging power.

Made with a popular traditional Japanese beauty ingredient - rice bran, which contains a highly dense, natural form of vitamin B to soften and promote the regeneration of your skin.

According to a study that looked at the effect of rice bran wax on the skin, it was found that rice bran is amazing for retaining water. For a natural fix to your dry skin, simply use this solution daily, and you’ll soon see beautiful results!

 Komenuka Bijin Eye Moist Gel Serum with Rice Bran


AVEAUTE Booster Face Up Serum

The AVEAUTE Booster Face Up Serum offers an innovative, high-quality solution to typical dry skin issues. It also combats aging effects such as loss of firmness and elasticity, wrinkle appearance, and free radical damage. 

This serum is targeted for dry skin, but there’s a long list of benefits it includes that extend beyond hydration, such as providing a lifting effect, protection from external factors, repair to damaged skin cells, improvement of skin softness and smoothness, and more.

It has amazing potential to make your skin look youthful and healthy. The human stem cell extract has the ability to reprogram your skin to behave ike healthy 20-year-old skin cells.

Nanoparticles of gold not only add a fancy flare to the product, but they also reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Nano platinum is packed with antioxidants that enhance firmness and produce a water-rich film on your skin. Raw soluble collagen is an excellent moisturizing ingredient that softens your skin making it smooth and supple.  For beautifully moisturized skin, try the Booster Face Up Serum.

 AVEAUTE Booster Face Up Serum

AVEAUTE Booster Face Up Serum

Fucoidan Verite Serum Dr. Select

Our Fucoidan Verite Serum is a rich, natural serum that contains powerful ingredients to give your skin the hydrating effects you’ve been looking for. This serum maintains a youthful appearance by protecting it from damage. 

It also enhances the dermal condition of your skin and increases skin immunity which means no more dry skin from environmental pollutants. The product is made in Japan, a country known for its high-quality, effective skincare. 

This effective serum contains a high-purity Fucoidan extract that creates a protective barrier, which keeps your skin safe from external factors.

It also regenerates skin cells and activates the natural restorative ability of your skin. Added antioxidants protect your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and UV radiation. Add this product to your skincare routine for it’s long-lasting, hydrating and protective properties.

 Fucoidan Verite Serum Dr. Select Regular price €85,95

Fucoidan Verite Serum Dr. Select

AXXZIA Eye Masks Essence Sheet Premium

For a unique and memorable experience, try our AXXZIA Eye Mask Essence Sheets. The circle shape of these eye masks provides deep hydration to the area under and around your eyes. 

The eye masks aren’t technically a liquid serum themselves, but they contain a well-formulated serum solution that penetrates the deep layers of skin while resting on your eye area. This mask adheres tightly to your skin and delivers powerful ingredients to nourish dry and tired eyes.

Packed full of skin-enhancing ingredients such as Eyebright Complex, hawthorn extract, chamomile flower, and rosemary extracts all working to brighten and hydrate your skin, reduce the look of puffiness, and diminish signs of aging. 

Cica is an ingredient that is rich in amino acids, beta-carotene, and fatty acids, improving elasticity and moisture retention.

Cica also supports your skin’s barrier function which helps the other moisturizing ingredients work better.

The triple mineral complex includes zinc, magnesium, and copper which stimulate natural collagen production and thus improves your skin’s natural moisture level. Take a while to sit back and relax with this effective eye mask.

 AXXZIA Eye Masks Essence Sheet Premium

AXXZIA Eye Masks Essence Sheet Premium


HITOYURAI + 30 Premium Clear Serum

Hitoyurai is a professional anti-aging skincare line that delivers amazing visible results. Their balanced formulas are effective, combining quality ingredients to achieve a bright and hydrated skin appearance. 

The serum starts the process of skin-regeneration, hydrates dry skin, evens out your skin tone, and fights wrinkles and sagging skin.

It contains the latest beauty components and ingredients backed by science. Keep your skin balanced and hydrated to keep it healthy for life.

The serum contains new beauty components such as six amino acids of plant origin and a high content of stem cells. 

This case study was done to look at the impact stem cell technology has on the skin. Skin cell extracts encourage skin cells to renew, activate cells to migrate towards skin damage and help to build up skin’s structural layers damaged by the aging process. 

The stem cell extract is combined with Argireline and versican in a solution to tighten and brighten your skin, as well as hydrate it. Additionally, versican improves skin immunity for an all-round great product for dry skin. You can trust this serum to deliver real results.

 HITOYURAI + 30 Premium Clear Serum


COMOACE Body Serum/Lotion With Raw Silk Extract

The COMOACE Body Serum is a natural silk extract serum that cares for dry skin by restoring elasticity and replenishing and repairing the moisture barrier. This gentle serum leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.

You’ll enjoy the refreshing feeling of silk extract that works to strengthen and hydrate, and it’s perfect for a relaxing night in. 

The ingredients work together to provide visible results that will allow you to feel confident in your skin. Raw silk proteins such as sericin and fibroin consist of 18 types of amino acids absorb deep into your skin, which maintains optimal hydration levels leaving skin soft and smooth, without being oily. 

This serum also includes licorice extract, thyme, chamomile extract, hawthorn, rose oil, rosemary, orange, and lavender. 

 COMOACE Body Serum/Lotion With Raw Silk Extract


Spa Treatment ABSO Water Milk Essence

Our ABSO Water Milk Essence is a serum that helps your skin to control hydration levels throughout all levels of the epidermis. This specialized skin care product is water-based, but it also includes a unique addition of active ingredients and powerful moisturizers that improve the health and texture of your skin. 

ABSO uses water that has been conditioned for slow electrolysis for hours, which changes the charge of its electrodes and gives an antioxidative potential to the water.

This serum also contains tocopherol (natural vitamin E), xanthan gum, and octoxyglycersin, which all provide the cell membrane lipids with protection from free radicals. These ingredients moisturize and nourish your skin, helping to restore moisture. 

Another ingredient is sunflower seed oil, also called the “vitamin of youth” because it helps your skin control the level of hydration on all layers of the epidermis, which is perfect for dry skin. If you’re looking for a great serum to help with dryness, this is a top solution.

 Spa Treatment ABSO Water Milk Essence


AXXZIA N2AXEL Superior Skin Essence

The AXXZIA Skin Essence Serum is for those with dry skin looking for rejuvenation and hydration. It also smoothes wrinkles, eliminates scars, restores skin damage, and protects against negative environmental factors. 

This serum is suitable for all skin types and provides a smooth layer of moisture without excess residue. Experience the powerful effects of this serum and be confident in your newfound glow.

The emulsion contains nicotinamide mononucleotide (niacinamide), as well as 7 other peptides, which are proteins that help with skin moisture. Niacinamide helps your skin grow a ceramide barrier which supports moisture retention. 

This serum also contains carnosine, which is a natural substance containing two types of amino acids. These amino acids provide effective anti-aging components that are backed up by modern science and technology. 

 AXXZIA N2AXEL Superior Skin Essence

AXXZIA N2AXEL Superior Skin Essence

Cica Method Booster Serum

Here we have our final serum recommendation: Cica Method Booster Serum. Cica is famous for its ability to soothe and repair irritated skin, calm inflammation, and heal acne. 

This serum provides a long list of benefits including preventing redness, stimulating collagen production, improving the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, re-balancing and repairing your skin’s barrier, and much more. 

It also makes your skin more supple and firm, tightening to prevent aging effects. It decreases moisture loss, making it the perfect solution for dry skin.

Madecassoside is an ingredient that gives antioxidant protection and helps fight redness and scaling. This is great for sensitive and dry skin. 

The perilla ocymoides leaf extract reduces redness, itchiness, and inflammation, which helps even out skin tone. 

Houttuynia cordata extract is another great extract used in this product that maintains skin softness and elasticity. The ingredients in this serum work together to leave you with beautifully moisturized, dewy skin!

 Cica Method Booster Serum

Cica Method Booster Serum


Get the Hydrated Skin You’ve Always Wanted

We want you to have healthy skin and feel confident in how you look. That’s why we’ve chosen only the best dry skin serums for you in this article. 

Hopefully, you’ve found one that suits your dry skin needs or other skin conditions. Along with treating dry skin, many of the serums presented on this list also treat acne, aging effects, inflammation, and wrinkles.

All of these products repair and balance your skin, providing rejuvenation and a smooth, healthy look.

It's important to do your own research on the ingredients in these products, just to be sure your skin will react well. 

We want to help you find the right skincare product for your skin, so please contact us for helpful advice. Send us a message in the chat or email our support team at and we will respond promptly to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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