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AVEAUTE Deep 2SC Serum

AVEAUTE Deep 2SC Serum

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AVEAUTE offers high-quality anti aging skincare products based on exclusive human stem cell technology developed by  Kyoto University of Pharmacy.

AVEAUTE Deep 2SC Serum is a powerful solution for aging and dry skin. This concentrated serum improves skin turnover, gets rid of wrinkles, and makes skin look smoother and younger.

The low molecular formula of the serum quickly penetrates the skin, gives elasticity and radiance. Increases the moisture-holding capacity of the skin, while not causing the sensation of oiliness or heaviness on the skin.

Raw collagen peptide is easily absorbed by skin, it increases its density and elasticity. 

2 types of Stem Cell extracts stimulate fibroblasts to produce more collagen, reduce excess pigmentation, rejuvenate the skin, make it smoother and more radiant.

Fullerene provides antioxidant protection. 

Retinol and proteoglycans provide moisturizing, wrinkle reduction, stimulation of collagen synthesis. 

Botanical complex contains mallow, fig fruits, mulberry, peony and geranium extract for cell renewal and stimulation of the collagen cycle. 

Silkworm cocoon extract nourishes your skin with amino acids, making it feel brighter and plumper. 

How to use: Fully cleanse and dry your skin. Apply your usual face toner. It is also recommended to apply AVEAUTE Booster Face Up Serum to maximize the effect.  Then apply a few drops of serum evenly over your face and neck, focusing on any problem areas.

Volume: 30 ml

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