Best Dry Skin Lotion for Face

Best Dry Skin Lotion for Face

Managing dry skin on your face is never easy, especially when dealing with sensitive skin. Using the right skincare products can help alleviate dry skin around the face, providing they contain suitable ingredients to combat the problem. 

Of course, with so many skincare products available, finding the best skin lotion for your face is often easier said than done. There are countless skincare products claiming to moisturize and hydrate dry skin on your face, yet only some have the right balance of ingredients that you need. 

So, it helps to understand the best types of ingredients to find in a dry skin lotion! In doing so, you’ll know exactly what to look for when choosing a dry skin lotion for your face. 

What Lotions are Best for Dry Skin?

The key to finding the best dry skin lotion for your face is the ingredients. 

Choose the right ingredients and symptoms of dry skin are alleviated almost immediately, while also providing lasting hydration and protection to prevent further dryness. 

But with skincare products containing so many ingredients, knowing what to look for in a skin lotion for your face is sometimes challenging. So, let’s break down the main ingredients to look for in a dry facial lotion for dry skin:


Humectant blob on table


Humectants are vital ingredients for treating dry skin. The main purpose of a humectant is to draw and retain moisture into the skin, increasing hydration and reducing dryness. Humectants are also responsible for breaking down dead skin cells, which can build up and cause dryness over time.

Dry skin lotions may contain various types of humectants, with popular options including hyaluronic acid, glycerol/glycerin, and sorbitol. 

Lotions are a more lightweight moisturizer than other skincare products, such as creams and gels, so typically have higher volumes of humectants. Be sure to look for a humectant ingredient in a lotion for dry facial skin!


Emollient being poored out of droplet tube


Emollients feature a combination of oil and water, helping to restore hydration to the skin. The ingredient also improves smoothness by repairing gaps in our skin barrier. 

Any lotion with an emollient quickly rehydrates dry skin on the face, thanks to the higher water content of a lotion being absorbed. 

There are various types of emollients used in lotions for dry facial skin, including ceramides, jojoba oil, and shea butter.  


Occlusive example image


Occlusives are active ingredients that form a barrier around the skin. By applying a barrier around the face, occlusives help reduce moisture loss and the subsequent dryness it causes. The barrier an occlusive creates also provides a layer of protection against possible irritants that cause dry facial skin. 

Because occlusives are the heaviest ingredients found in skincare products, they are often in lotions with thicker consistencies. 

Common occlusives featured in dry skin lotions include beeswax, lanolin, and silicone.

Ingredients to Avoid in Dry Skin Lotion for Face 

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The best dry skin lotions for the face should also avoid certain ingredients. Just like certain ingredients help treat dry facial skin, other ingredients might further irritate the problem!

So, it’s important to understand the more irritating ingredients found in certain skincare products. By knowing what ingredients make dry skin worse, you know exactly what to avoid when looking for a suitable lotion for your face. 

Denatured Alcohol 

Denatured alcohols are common in cheaper skincare products, usually listed as ethyl or SD alcohol. These ingredients should be avoided in any lotion for dry facial skin, as they are certain to make skin even drier. 

By further drying the skin, these alcohols reduce the protective skin barrier, potentially causing redness and breakouts. However, not all alcohols in skincare products are denatured, so make sure to double-check if alcohol is listed as an ingredient. 

Always make sure to avoid denatured alcohol when searching for a suitable dry skin lotion for your face!


Countless skincare products feature a pleasant fragrance made from natural or artificial chemicals. Having a skincare product with a fragrance is usually okay if you have normal skin. However, if you have dry facial skin then the chemicals that make the fragrance may make your condition worse.

Keep an eye out for fragrance lotions, as that pleasant smell might come at a cost! 

Salicylic Acid 

A type of exfoliant cleanser, salicylic acid may irritate dry skin types, so is best avoided in moisturizing lotions. While this ingredient is useful for treating oily skin issues like acne, it is likely to cause further irritation to dry skin, including redness and flaking.


Like salicylic acid, retinoids are great for treating acne-related facial issues but tend to make dry skin worse. However, because the ingredients also help treat signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, they are common in various skincare products. 

A small amount of retinol in a lotion may be suitable for mild dryness. 

How Often Should You Put Dry Skin Lotion on Your Face? 

Finding the right lotion is only half the battle – now you need to properly integrate it into your skincare routine!

If you have lots of skincare products, it’s easy to get confused about the best way to apply each one. Should your lotion be used by itself or combined with other products? How often should you use a dry skin lotion on your face? 

💧Moisturize Daily 

A simple but effective skincare routine for a dry skin lotion is to use it daily. Because the lotion is moisturizing your skin, you want to apply it at least once per day to help restore hydration and provide a protective barrier. 

Most people tend to moisturize in the morning, so their face is hydrated and protected for the day ahead. 

Another option is to use the moisturizing lotion twice per day, once in the morning and then again before you go to bed. The added application at night helps your skin look super dewy come morning time. 

💧Integrate With a Wider Skincare Routine

If you want a more comprehensive routine for dry skin on your face, then consider integrating the moisturizing lotion as part of a wider skincare routine. 

For example, a moisturizing lotion can be used with other skincare products such as cleansers, exfoliators, and SPF moisturizers. Be mindful that some products may cause your skin to dry out, so look for gentle products designed for dry skin. 

💧Moisturize After Cleansing Your Face  

A moisturizing lotion works best right after cleaning your face. Your skin better absorbs moisturizer after being cleansed, so your dry skin lotion will show the best results if applied immediately after a morning shower.

Always apply a nice thick layer across the skin when it's still moist. Avoid drying your face after applying the lotion, gently patting excess moisture if needed.

If applying again at night, consider washing your face before using your lotion. 

What is the Best Lotion for Dry Skin on Your Face? 

Are you wondering what lotions are best for dry skin on your face? Check out our selection of fantastic dry skin lotions that use innovative ingredients from Japan’s top skincare brands.

QINUDE Moisture Milk with Organic Silk Extract

This moisturizing milk from QINUDE is made from raw silk and a range of other ingredients that nourish and hydrate dry skin. 

Humectants include glycerin and hyaluronic acid, helping the skin draw and retain more moisture throughout the day. The main emollient in the lotion is ceramide, locking in moisture while smoothing lines and wrinkles. 

The silk fibers from the raw silk also provide a protective barrier, preventing damage from UV rays, a known cause of aging and dryness in facial skin. Protein fibers also help combat signs of again, while a lack of fragrances and mineral oils ensures the lotion doesn’t irritate dry skin. 


QINUDE Moisture Milk with Organic Silk Extract

QINUDE Moisture Milk with Organic Silk Extract


LIOVERITE Balance Control Lotion

The LIOVERITE Balance Control Lotion is a fantastic moisturizing lotion for dry skin. Featuring lightweight hyaluronic acid, the lotion penetrates deep into to skin to improve moisture absorption while stimulating collagen production. 

Additional collagen helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone across the face. Beta-glucan provides added hydration while soothing irritations, making it ideal for people with especially bad dry skin.

It’s also free from most ingredients likely to irritate dry skin, including denatured alcohol and fragrances.  


Loverite balance control lotion

LIOVERITE Balance Control Lotion


KYOTO KOMACHI Matcha Beauty Moisture Lotion

Kyoto Komachi is a moisturizing lotion featuring matcha antioxidants to promote smooth and supple skin. Matcha also targets puffiness, inflammation, and dark spots– talk about a versatile ingredient! 

Additional ingredients to help combat dry skin include hyaluronic acid, the most effective humectant for treating dryness around the face. The emollient glycerin provides a deep moisturizing treatment for dry facial skin while smoothing gaps in the skin barrier to prevent lines and wrinkles. 

An all-natural moisturizing lotion, there are no harmful ingredients likely to irritate dry skin. 


KYOTO KOMACHI Matcha Beauty Moisture Lotion

KYOTO KOMACHI Matcha Beauty Moisture Lotion


WHITE ICHIGO Organic Jelly Mist Spray

The Organic Jelly Mist Spray from WHITE ICHIGO is packed with three different types of hyaluronic acids, ensuring optimal moisturizing for dry skin. Each hyaluronic acid is a different molecular weight to provide some of the best moisture absorption and retention of any lotion.

White strawberry seed oil features ceramides for improved skin hydration and barrier protection. The ingredient is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, providing added protection from signs of aging and encouraging natural collagen production.

The facial spray is easy to apply, immediately rehydrating skin while also promoting a healthy tone.


WHITE ICHIGO Organic Jelly Mist Spray

WHITE ICHIGO Organic Jelly Mist Spray


MAMA BUTTER 2in1 Organic Face Lotion & Emulsion

Mama Butter is a popular brand of Japanese skincare products utilizing the benefits of natural shea butter as the active ingredient. 

As mentioned above, shea butter is an excellent emollient, deeply moisturizing while improving the skin barrier for lasting hydration. The lotion also features jojoba oil, another great emollient for improved skin hydration. 

Additional ingredients include the humectants hyaluronic acid and glycerin, improving the skin’s natural ability to absorb and retain moisture. 

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, the 2-in-1 Organic Emulsion offers a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your skincare routine. 


MAMA BUTTER 2in1 Organic Face Lotion & Emulsion

MAMA BUTTER 2in1 Organic Face Lotion & Emulsion



Finding the best dry skin lotion for your face doesn’t need to be hard. Keep a look out for humectant and emollient ingredients for maximum results, while being mindful of the ingredients that cause your skin to dry out. 

A good dry skin lotion for your face should be easily integrated into your skincare routine, whether you’re just moisturizing or incorporating additional products. With the right lotion, your skin will be hydrated, smoother, and less prone to premature aging! 

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