The Benefits of Silk in Japanese Skincare

The Benefits of Silk in Japanese Skincare

It is said that the benefits of silk were discovered centuries ago. Japanese women who worked silk by hand while sewing Kimonos noticed that their hands were noticeably softer and whiter than others. They began to use scraps of silk fabric to rub on the body, and even dry their hair.

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It's even said that Geisha, renowned for their beautiful skin and porcelain complexions, would dampen a piece of kimono silk with distilled flower water and place it on the face—making, in essence, an early sheet mask.

We now know that silk is similar in composition to human skin. Of the 20 amino acids that make up the human epidermis, 18 are found in silk. These are the amino acids of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and the natural moisturizing factor NMF. Silk extracts are easily absorbed, which allows these amino acids and antioxidants to help condition dry skin, leading to improved elasticity and resilience.

The properties of silk protein for skin make it advantageous to use for people of all ages and skin types. Therefore, silk cosmetics are considered especially safe and hypoallergenic.⠀

Silk proteins for skin have been found to:

〰 Fill damaged skin, wrinkles and creases.

〰 Provide a lifting effect.

〰 Deeply hydrate the skin.

〰 Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

〰 Provide UV protection.

In Japan, there are entire brands of cosmetics, specialty gadgets, and even nutritional supplements based around silk.

If you’re new to silk in skincare, we recommend trying out the QINUDE skincare line.

Qinude is a skincare brand that uses valuable domestic raw silk as its primary ingredient for its products. Qinude skincare was created at the famous Chiso silk factory in Japan which has been manufacturing high-quality silk and making kimonos since 1555.

QINUDE skincare products are formulated with 100% natural organic silk and free from mineral oils, synthetic colors, parabens or fragrances.

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