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Tomioka Silk

Tomioka Silk Gold Silk Face Brush

Tomioka Silk Gold Silk Face Brush

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Manufacturer: Tomioka Silk

Product Description

Tomioka Golden Silk Face Brush:

• Smoothes wrinkles and prevents the emergence of new ones

• Stimulates cell regeneration and renewal

• Deeply moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture loss

• Nourishes and softens the skin

• Improves complexion

• Effectively tightens the skin

• Soothes the skin

The brush is made using a special technology with a curve that perfectly adjusts to the shape of the face.

Golden silk is the most expensive and rare type of silk, with strong antioxidant and restorative properties. Thanks to its unique amino acid composition, golden silk sericin is able to penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis, stimulating collagen production and thereby maintaining skin elasticity

Natural silk helps to improve and rejuvenate the skin. Silk consists of 97% proteins, and 3% fat and waxes, as well as 18 amino acids that have a positive effect on human metabolism.

A silk massage saturates the skin with silk peptides, reduces wrinkles, tones and improves blood circulation, and gives a healthy shine to your complexion.

As you massage, the friction allows silk proteins to rebuild damaged layers of the skin, fill wrinkles and fill the face with a young glow.

The silk protein, fibroin, is the richest source of glycine, which is able to penetrate deeply into tissues, intensively moisturizing the skin and stimulating cell regeneration.

Fibroin retains moisture 7 times better than other moisturizing components, as well as increases the elasticity and of the skin.

Silk thread fibroin actively moisturizes the skin.

Silk proteins and amino acids stimulate tissue regeneration and renewal, perfectly smooth the skin, and give it internal radiance.

Glycine penetrates the skin and hair, increasing elasticity. Glycine is also a powerful antioxidant, and is an absolutely safe and natural substance.

Silk proteins can enhance the positive effects of components in anti-aging cosmetics.

We recommend changing the brush every 6 months due to gradually soluble sericin.

How to use: wash your face with the cleanser of your choice. Use brush to gently massage skin along the facial massage lines as seen in the picture. Can be used on dry or slightly damp skin. 

Ingredients: 100% natural golden silk from Gumma Prefecture, Japan.

*The brush handle is handmade using Hinoki Cypress.

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