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Spa treatment

Spa treatment Massage Plate

Spa treatment Massage Plate

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Manufacturer: Spa Treatment

Product Description

This porcelain plate SPA Treatment is an ancient Asian secret tool for beauty.

This is a Gua-sha massage plate with a minus-ion charge. It improves blood circulation, tightens the skin, and increases the effect of care products.

The use of an ionic plate helps to remove toxins, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize lymph outflow, eliminate swelling, strengthen the youthful shape of the face and reduce the depth and number of wrinkles. The shape of the device is specially made in such a way that it mimics the curves of the face and fits tightly to the skin. With regular use, there is a strong lifting effect.

How to use: swipe along massage lines from the middle of the face to the ears, together with oil, cream or other product.

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