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Spa treatment

Spa Treatment iSheet NMN Complex Eye Mask

Spa Treatment iSheet NMN Complex Eye Mask

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 Manufacturer: Spa Treatment

Volume: 60 eye patches (30 pairs)

Spa Treatment Eye Patches have been renewed with an updated formula!

The new formula of these legendary patches use the most advanced cosmeceutical component to date - NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide).

NMN is one of the forms of vitamin B3 that can activate the regeneration and rejuvenation of cells in the stratum corneum, as well as cause the activation of Sirtuins — proteins that can prolong the youthfulness of body tissues.

These Sirtuins need to be stimulated because they are normally in "standby mode".

In order to achieve a long lasting rejuvenating effect, there are not many substances that can naturally awaken Sirtuins sufficiently, but NMN is one of the few substances that can do this.

To deliver NMN to the deep layers of the skin, a special technology was developed in order to penetrate all 3 layers of the skin — M.P.D (Material Permeation Delivery) nanocapsules.

The surface of the capsule contains the active ingredients and gradually dissolves as it penetrates the skin, fully delivering the active ingredients without losing their properties.

Special polypeptides and enzymes developed by the Swiss company, Pentapharm, are used for their identical composition to snake venom and provide a powerful effect against fine lines and wrinkles

The composition also includes three types of peptides (III, IV, V) and water-soluble proteoglycan to improve elasticity and tone under eye skin.

✦ The patches come in a jar which is divided into two sections by a partition. In the inner partition there is a tweezer, which is included to separate the patches one by one for convenient use.

✦ Patches can be applied under the eyes and on the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, where the skin is most susceptible to age-related changes.

Visible results after the first application.

Contains NO synthetic fragrances, scented with natural oils of lavender and rosemary.

Patches have a slight cooling effect.

Skincare step:


Water, Glycerin, BG, Methylglucose-10, Betaine, Trehalose, Glycosyltrehalose, Diaminobutyroylbenzylamide Dipeptide Diacetate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Trifluorosuccintetradecylaminobutyroylvalilaminobutyric acid urea, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), olive oil, water soluble proteoglycan, sodium chondroitin sulfate, pentasteritritrite, hydrolyzed collagen, cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen, succinoyl atelocollagen, atelocollagen, water-soluble collagen, isostearoyl hydrolyzate of collagen, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed alkyl hyaluronate (C12-13) glyceryl, Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Hyaluronate, Na Crosspolymer Hyaluronate, Isostearic Acid Chloride, Polyglyceryl-6 Polyricinoleate, Dimethylsilylated Silica, Lenglycol Pinch, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydrolyzed Hydrogenated Starch, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil

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