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Spa treatment

Spa Treatment i Micro Patch

Spa Treatment i Micro Patch

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Manufacturer: Spa Treatment, Japan

Volume: 2 patches x 4 sets (8 patches)

Spa Treatment i Micro Patch — A unique eye mask that delivers Hyaluronic Acid deep into skin with special micro needle technology, for an effective anti-aging treatment that can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Hyaluronic acid shaped into needle-like sheets, can directly penetrate the skin leading to a more youthful eye-area. This special treatment can be used not just around the eyes, but is also effective for smile or frown lines. Micro needle technology makes it easy for active ingredients to seep deep in to skin, hydrating and smoothing it from the inside — stimulates the activity of skin cells, and synthesis.

Recommended for those who:

+  Are worried about fine lines & wrinkles caused by over-drying

+ Want firmer skin

+ Want to do special treatments at home

Due to the nature of the patch, some people may feel a small, sharp pain after application. Rest assured that this pain goes away quickly.

How to use: Use 1-2 times a week on cleansed skin.

Step 1: After washing/cleansing your face, prepare it with your favorite toner or essence and allow it to fully penetrate.

Step 2: Open the foil package and take out the clear case inside.

Step 3: Holding the micropatch so that you don't touch the middle part, carefully peel off the white protective backing.

Step 4: Place the center of the iMicropatch over your area of concern, such as around your eyes or the corners of your mouth, and firmly press down on the patch with your fingers.

Step 5: To ensure any air does not enter, make sure the patch is firmly placed on skin.

Step 6: Take 40-60 minutes to relax while the patches work their magic!

Step 7: Slowly peel off the patch, cleaning the area where it was placed.

For night time use: Just apply a patch after washing and toning your skin—it's that easy. Applied at night, you can leave it on while you sleep, peeling it off the next morning & continuing your skincare routine as usual.

Ingredients: hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid

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