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Spa treatment

SPA TREATMENT Collagen Peptide Food

SPA TREATMENT Collagen Peptide Food

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Manufacturer: Spa Treatment

Volume: 150 g (this collagen is designed for 37 days of use)

Product Description

100% fish collagen peptide.

Quickly absorbed by the body, thanks to a special formula with a lightweight molecular mass (the molecular weight of ordinary collagen is 5000, and the weight of the fish collagen peptide is 2000).

Collagen is the most important building protein in our bodies, responsible for beautiful skin, hair, healthy bones and joints, as well as general tone. With the onset of aging, its synthesis in the body slows down.

Collagen peptide is recommended for:

-Reducing the depth of wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity

-Strengthening hair, nails, bones

- Improving epidermis healing after acne, scars and other injuries

- Recovery from injuries in the muscles, joints and bones

- Prevention of arthritis or osteochondrosis

Unlike collagen from other animals, fish collagen peptides are characterized by a rich amino acid composition with a high concentration of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

Collagen can also be added to hair masks to give shine and smoothness.

How to use: Add 4 grams of collagen to a warm (not hot) liquid (tea, coffee, smoothies, soup).

*Collagen has no taste or specific smell.

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