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SOOKI AOJIRU Organic Lactobacillus Vitamin Drink

SOOKI AOJIRU Organic Lactobacillus Vitamin Drink

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 A vitamin drink made from barley sprouts from a private, organic farm in New Zealand. The farm has been producing high quality ingredients for over 20 years and has been certified by JAS (the Japanese organic farming regulatory authority) and  New Zealand BioGro organic product quality certification.

Aojiru barley drink is one of the secrets of longevity and good health of Japanese people. It's a Japanese vegetable health drink in powdered formula that makes up for an insufficient intake of vegetables.

Aojiru provides a number of health benefits, such as weight loss, aging prevention, improvement of skin condition, detoxification of the body and enhancement of general well-being and blood sugar control.

A serving of aojiru contains as much calcium as one pack of milk, also, content of vitamin C it is equivalent to three tomatoes. 

 Also, the daily serving of the drink (3 g) contains 40 billion lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides. Lactic bacteria improve digestive health, promote heart health and clear your skin. 

Nutrition facts (per 100g): Calorie: 302 kcal, Protein: 25.0g, Lipid: 6.6g, Carbohydrate 56.6g, Dietary fiber: 41.7g, Vitamin A: 819 μg Vitamin B: 1 0.7 mg, Vitamin C: 140 mg, Folic acid: 990 μg, Potassium: 3,010 mg, Calcium: 513 mg, Iron: 13.3 mg, Magnesium: 126 mg, Β-carotene: 9,830 μg.

How to use:  consume 3 g per day (1 teaspoon), mixing with water or milk. Aojiru can also be added to desserts, pastries and smoothies.

INGREDIENTS: organic barley young leaf powder, oligosaccharides, lactic acid bacteria powder.

Volume: 90 g

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