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Pure collagen peptide supplement AFC

Pure collagen peptide supplement AFC

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Pure high grade collagen peptide supplement.

The body’s natural production of collagen starts to drop as we get older, our skin begins to lose strength and elasticity, joints become fragile. AFC collagen peptide supplement complements your everyday lifestyle and supports your skin and health.

Collagen peptide , due to the smallest particle size, is well absorbed by the body, which increases its effectiveness for skin care, as well as for increasing the elasticity of joints and ligaments.

Collagen peptide has a unique composition of amino acids compared to other protein sources. It improves skin radiance, hydration, and overall skin health.

The supplement is recommended to be included in the diet after 35 years to prevent connective tissue diseases and maintain youthful skin.

Powder without odor or taste. Can be added to drinks or food. 

Does not contain sugar and sweeteners.

How to use: Take 1-2 sticks per day. The powder can be diluted in water (1 stick per 160 ml of liquid) or in milk, added to desserts.

One stick contains 1050 mg of collagen peptide.

Volume: 30 sticks

Ingredients: 100% collagen peptide (porcine origin)


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