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NOGUCHI Ferment Gold Green Papaya Enzyme Supplement

NOGUCHI Ferment Gold Green Papaya Enzyme Supplement

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The Noguchi Institute, located in Japan, is a renowned medical research facility. Through its extensive research endeavors, the institute has meticulously curated top-tier nutritional supplements that are both efficacious and of superior quality. It recognizes the profound connection between medicine and nutrition, as both are integral to human well-being.

Food serves as the cornerstone of life, not only sustaining us but also acting as a safeguard against various ailments. However, the modern world's vast array of food options can often lead to a loss of balance and, consequently, unhealthy dietary choices. Regrettably, a significant portion of the population fails to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals from their diet.

Nutrition experts at the Noguchi Institute believe that some diseases (diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, etc.) are caused by an improper lifestyle. Noguchi specializes in crafting nutritional supplements designed to support a healthy lifestyle and bolster your immunity, reducing the risk of illness.

Green papaya is considered the queen of enzymes!

 • It contains 7.5 times more polyphenols than red wine.

• Contains 2 times more lycopene than tomatoes.

• SOD (superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant enzyme) is 100 times more than black garlic.

Green papaya enzymes are recommended for those who have trouble maintaining a balanced diet. Papaya normalizes digestion and gastrointestinal function, improves appetite, normalizes blood sugar and increases the overall immunity of the body.

Resveratrol, a polyphenol akin to those found in grapes, demands the extraction of a substantial 800 kg of red grapes to obtain. Resveratrol serves as a potent agent that enhances the body's resilience to stress, mitigates its adverse effects, inhibits tumor growth, lowers the risk of osteoporosis in women, and reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. Resveratrol benefits the skin by stimulating collagen production.

Green papaya enzymes can be taken by both adults and children. The formula uses natural Papaya that’s free from genetic modifications. No pesticides were used during cultivation.

Directions for use: take 1-2 sticks per day. Mix the powder with water or other non-hot beverage and drink of your choice. Can be added to yogurt. For children over 5 years old - half a stick per day.

Ingredients: green papaya, nutritional yeast, dextrose, resveratrol

Volume: 90 g (30 sticks of 3 g each)

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