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Esthe Pro Labo

Esthe Pro Labo Vitamin C Premium

Esthe Pro Labo Vitamin C Premium

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Professional quality vitamin supplement from the Japanese brand Esthe Pro Labo. Esthe Pro Labo's Vitamin C Premium vitamin supplement differs from mass-produced vitamins in its exclusively natural high-quality composition, without the use of cheap synthetic analogues of vitamins, which are subsequently poorly absorbed by our body.

Vitamin C in the supplement is derived from corn. One serving contains 2000 mg of vitamin C, equal to 100 lemons. The supplement fully provides the body with the necessary dose of vitamin C, activates the immune system, is effective for the prevention of colds and viral diseases, helps the body absorb iron better, has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, and stimulates the activity of the endocrine glands. Does not contain GMOs, sugar, chemical additives and flavorings.

Method of application: the powder can be taken diluted in water or other drinks. Can be added to yogurt or milk. Take 1 stick per day.

Volume: 30 sticks of 2.2 g (monthly course)

Ingredients: maltodextrin, vitamin C of natural origin


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