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NANOA Liftia Water Peeling Device

NANOA Liftia Water Peeling Device

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NANOA Liftia Water Peeling is a premium water peeling beauty device developed in collaboration with dermatologists, designed for those concerned about pore congestion, blackheads, and rough skin texture.

It uses the power of water and ultrasonic vibrations to target pores and remove dead skin cells. The ultrasonic technology effectively cleanses pores and eliminates impurities, leaving your skin beautifully refined.

  • Additionally, the NANOA Water Peeling incorporates RF radio waves to gently warm the skin, enhancing the cleansing process.
  •  Equipped with blue LED lights, it helps improve your skin's condition while performing water peeling.
  • Offers multiple functions such as iontophoresis, EMS, RF radio waves, and microcurrent, allowing you to customize your skincare routine.

Device features three modes:

  • Mode 1 for skin cleansing
  • Mode 2 for moisturizing with Iontophoresis
  • Mode 3 for skin lifting
With its water-resistant design, you can conveniently use it while taking a bath.

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