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Nanoa Liftia Facial Roller

Nanoa Liftia Facial Roller

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NANOA Liftia is a highly acclaimed by dermatologists' micro current facial roller with integrated solar panel.

Developed in collaboration with dermatologists, designed specifically for those concerned about signs of aging and loss of skin elasticity.

Microcurrent technology utilizes a very weak current, similar to the natural electrical currents in the body. It is widely used in medical and esthetic treatments. Since the sensation is minimal, it is suitable even for those sensitive to electrical stimulation.

  • Esthetic Method: Replicating the gentle pinching and gliding motions of a professional esthetician's fingertips, this roller allows for concentrated care on specific areas of concern.
  • Microcurrent: The handle of the roller incorporates a solar panel that absorbs light and generates a microcurrent. Device doesn't require charging.
  • Diamond-shape & Platinum Coating: With its diamond-shaped surface, it provides a pleasant massage experience. The roller is coated with a platinum coating that is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Waterproof Structure: Device features a convenient waterproof design, allowing you to use it even in the bathtub.

How to Use: Roll the device gently along the contours of your face and body. Use light pressure and roll in upward and outward motions. Focus on areas of tension or specific concerns.Repeat each motion 3-5 times for optimal results. It is especially beneficial to use after moisturizing with toners or serums, as it reduces friction on the skin. This roller can be used not only on the facial line but also on the neck, décolleté, arms, waist, and legs for comprehensive care. After use, clean the roller with a soft cloth or mild soap and water.


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