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NANOA Eyelash Growth Serum

NANOA Eyelash Growth Serum

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Manufacturer: NANOA

Volume: 5ml

NANOA Eyelash Growth Serum — A highly functional eyelash serum that has been created through research and development for those concerned about short or scarce eyelashes and want to achieve super glossy and lush lashes!

Contains a carefully selected blend of high purity human stem cell culture extract that is widely revered by beauty dermatologists.

Experience the next generation of eyelash serum born from advanced cosmetic technology!

An infusion of skin treatment elements are formulated to maximize the effect of human stem cells, as well as 5 luxurious eye care ingredients: Wide Lash, Redencil, Pideoxyzil, Capixil, Procapil, and a combination of vitamin C derivatives, 2 hyaluronic acid, placenta, and 3 types of ceramide — NANOA is dedicated to maximum moisturizing power!

+ Safe and gentle on the skin

+ No parabens, mineral oils, UV absorbers, synthetic polymers, alcohol, silicone, synthetic coloring or synthetic fragrances.

In addition, in order to provide high quality products to our valued customers, we conduct a full process from manufacturing to shipping through the delivery process and undergo thorough quality control.

How to use: Apply 2 times a day (morning and evening) or once a day (at night) on cleanser lashes after washing your face from the root to the ends. *Please be careful not to get into your eyes.

Ingredients: Water, BG, glycerin, pentylene glycol, human adipocyte conditioned media extract, (citric acid/lactic acid/linoleic acid/oleic acid) glyceryl, olive fruit oil, polysorbate 60, 3-0-ethylascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, soybean sterol, ceramide NG, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, biotinoyltriheptide-1, panthenol, red pine cone extract, tea leaf extract, pyrrolidinyldiaminopyrimidine oxide, Acetyl tetrapeptide-3, red clover flower extract, dextran, human recombinant polypeptide-3, human recombinant polypeptide-4, tripeptide-1 copper, lecithin, hydrogenated lecithin, oleanolic acid, apigenin, PEG-40 hydrogenated Castor oil, PPG-26 butes-26, Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, lactobacillus/horseradish root fermented extract, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, phenoxyethanol

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