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MYUFULL Night Gel Mask

MYUFULL Night Gel Mask

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Manufacturer: MIYUKI CORPORATION, Japan

Myufull PN Pack gel night mask gently and evenly lays down on the skin moisturized after the lotion and delivers all the necessary components to the inner layers of the skin, including a large dose of collagen.

Fully absorbed, odorless, non-sticky, leaves no residue on the pillow.

The oil-free composition intensively moisturizes and does not clog pores, allowing them to breathe.

Fruit extracts fill the skin with vitamins and improve the complexion.

The result for the morning - healthy moisturized glossy skin.

Methods of Application: Before going to bed, a small amount of PN Pack mask the size of a teaspoon should be carefully and carefully spread over the face. Light hammering "hammer in" until the feeling of stickiness disappears. The next morning, rinse your face with warm water.

Myufull Cosmetics is an excellent series of skin care and moisturizing for the whole family.

Our skin changes with age. To keep the skin beautiful and elastic, it is important to take protein and vitamins, both inside and outside. The Myufull Natural Series PN cosmetic line takes natural supplements (polyphenols - powerful antioxidants) from fruits and plants and protects your skin.

Essence of the Damascus wild rose from Persia

Wild damask rose grows in natural conditions at an altitude of 3200m with a sharp temperature drop. The pink essence extracted from it is many times stronger than the essences extracted from cultivated species of roses.

Arabian gum

Contains more than 10 types of amino acids necessary to maintain moisture in the deep layers of the skin.

Natural moisturizing ingredients

The propandiol obtained from corn ensures good mixing of the product with water and oil and ensures deep moisturizing of the skin.

The mask also contains a high concentration of high-quality marine collagen.

Natural antiseptic
Myufull uses only natural natural preservatives, such as sodium anisate, found in corn and basil.

Suitable for all skin types.

Professional care. Myuful Cosmetics is sold only in beauty salons and beauty clinics in Japan.

Economical consumption, one bottle is enough for 4-5 months of daily use.

Miyuki Corporation has over the quarter century of history since its establishment in 1985. We have created our own brand “Myufull” and produced “skin care gel series” that is mostly made of natural and organic ingredients that nourish a beautiful skin. In 2012 we finally launched “Myufull Natural Series” and succeeded to make all the ingredients naturally derived. We work hard to make the product that helps the skin to rejuvenate itself. We also focus on “inner beauty products” based on our thought that the foundation of true beauty is health. That leads us to produce the supplement of organic ingredients that help a healthy beautiful skin to shine inside out.

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