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Mameko Flora Jelly Supplement For Gut Health

Mameko Flora Jelly Supplement For Gut Health

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Mameko Flora Jelly Supplement For Gut Health is meticulously crafted under the supervision of pharmacists. Enriched with lactic acid bacterial metabolites, this innovative jelly is created to elevate your digestive wellness.

  • Addressing Modern Digestive Challenges: In today's fast-paced world, maintaining gut health is essential. Recognizing the need to support the digestive systems of individuals with disrupted dietary habits, this product is fortified with essential nutrients like water-soluble dietary fiber and oligosaccharides. These nutrients serve as fuel for beneficial intestinal bacteria, ensuring comprehensive gut support.
  • Enhanced Formula for Optimal Gut Balance: Each sachet contains a potent blend of 1 billion lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, along with over 517 types of nutrients, including short-chain fatty acids. 
  • Versatile and Convenient: Experience the ease of incorporating  Mameko Flora Jelly Supplement into your daily routine. Simply indulge in this delicious jelly to support your digestive balance.
  • Quality Ingredients, Trusted Sourcing: The commitment to quality is reflected in the sourcing of ingredients. The domestically sourced soybeans are pesticide-free, organically grown, and free from artificial coloring. With every serving, trust that your body is nourished with the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

Usage Instructions: For optimal results, consume 1 to 2 sachets per day.

Ingredients: Fructooligosaccharide syrup (domestically produced), guar gum hydrolysate, inulin, sucrose (from sugar beets), lactulose syrup, BG-21 bacterial fermentation powder, galactooligosaccharide syrup, isomaltooligosaccharide syrup, raffinose, agar, beet fiber, acacia fiber / gelling agent (thickening polysaccharides), acidity regulator, flavoring (contains milk and soy in some portions).

Nutritional Information: Per sachet (15g): Energy: 18.6 kcal, Protein: 0.015g, Fat: 0.015g, Carbohydrates: 4.635g, Salt equivalent: 0.0204g

Volume: 1 box / 15 sachet (15g per sachet)

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place, away from high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.


  • Refrain from consuming if you have food allergies, after referring to the list of ingredients.
  • Consume promptly after opening, regardless of the expiration date.
  • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or under medical treatment, consult a doctor or pharmacist before consuming.
  • Keep out of reach of infants and young children.
  • Natural ingredients may cause variations in color, but this does not affect the quality.

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