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LIOVERITE Balance Control Foam

LIOVERITE Balance Control Foam

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Volume: 90 ml

The LIOVERITE series is the result of the development of Japanese and French laboratories.

The Balance Control series were created to restore the natural balance of the skin microflora.

The foam with amino acids gently removes excess sebum, while moisturizing and softening the skin.

The foam also balances the acidic composition of the skin, creating an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria.

a-glucan oligosaccharide is the natural ingredient that maintains the balance of microflora of the skin, improves its protective properties, prevents premature aging. Reduces skin sensitivity whilst Normalizing sebum levels and destroys harmful bacteria.

All fragrances from the balancing series LIOVERITE were created by professional perfumers using only natural essential oils.

Skincare step:

Has a pleasant aroma of magnolia and lime, reminiscent of the fresh aroma of herbal tea with citrus notes.

LIOVERITE / Rio Verite is a brand created by skin care specialist manufacturer in Osaka, Japan since 1952. The company develops skin care products specifically for protecting bare skin from inner dryness causing skin problems.

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