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Komenuka Bijin

Komenuka Bijin Hair Conditioning Treatment with rice bran

Komenuka Bijin Hair Conditioning Treatment with rice bran

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This concentrated conditioner combats dryness, split ends, and dullness for all hair types.

Adding a fantastic shine as it detangles, it also makes your hair more resilient. The ginseng acts as a rejuvenating factor, slowing down the degeneration of cells.

Unique blend enriched with rice bran, silk, seaweed and ginseng extracts restores the soft and shiny texture of your hair leaving it sleek and smooth.

Rice bran, which is produced in the course of sake brewing, contains vitamin B group, calcium, protein, vitamin E, and minerals. It also contains plenty of γ-Oryzanol that is a natural moisturizing ingredient. Rice bran reduces hair loss, improves texture, shine and strength.


Komenuka Bijin is a popular Japanese skin, body and hair care brand based on rice bran. For the past 200 years, Nihonsakari Co., Ltd has been one of Japan’s premier producers of sake, which is made from the inside of rice and the finest spring water. Decade after decade, workers at the factory discovered their skin became softer after prolonged contact with the factory's rice and Miyamizu spring water during manufacturing; and eventually, Komenuka Bijin's first skin care product was born.

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