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ICOR Sake Facial Mask (1 pc.)

ICOR Sake Facial Mask (1 pc.)

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Manufacturer: ICOR

Volume: 1 sheet mask

Product Description

ICOR Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask
with Mt. Yotei spring water & Japanese sake —- This sheet face mask infuses natural spring water, Japanese Sake (Junmaishu), and plenty of beauty ingredients from Hokkaido, Japan to replenish, reset, and revitalize skin!

Enjoy firm, glowing skin!

ICOR's facial mask is a special product that allows you to easily concentrate on your skin at home. One face mask contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids and beauty ingredients from Hokkaido based on beautiful spring water and pure rice wine.

This sheet mask adheres tightly to the skin, and instantly adjusts the moisture and elasticity of the skin, leading to firm, glowing skin!

ICOR's Sake facial mask is a luxurious skin care item that soften the skin’s surface with high quality water and delivers intensive beauty ingredients into the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Japanese Sake

ICOR's Sake facial mask uses junmaishu sake, which is rich in amino acids and vitamins. Its luxurious serum, contains plenty of amino acids, moisturizes tired skin caused by stress, dryness, ultraviolet rays, and creates a beautiful complexion.

In addition to sake, it also contains premium beauty ingredients that support beautiful skin!

Riftin (Tannic acid + buckthorn seed extract)

Tannic acid tightens the skin and leads to firmness, and the minerals and silica acid contained in buckthorn seed extract smooth the texture of the skin.

Collagen (Sakushinoyl atero collagen)

Water-soluble collagen that is familiar to the skin. It also contains proteoglycan, which is characterized by high water retention. It moisturizes dry skin and keeps it healthy.

Rice nuka oil

vitamin E (tocopherol) and oryzanol rich oil that prevents rough skin and dryness.

Rice ceramide (Glucosyl ceramide)

Beauty ingredients extracted and refined from rice nuca and rice germs. It moisturizes and promotes firm skin at the same time.

ICOR’s Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask is a cotton-derived sheet, which is gentle on the skin, and characterized by excellent water retention and adhesion to the complex curves of the face. It firmly delivers hydration to the skin and allows you to feel the moisturizing effects of the serum.

Eco-friendly & biodegradable mask made from natural fibers, and made in an environmentally friendly factory.

Contains 99% naturally derived ingredients

ICOR's skin care products aim to be non-irritating products that can be used by people with sensitive skin.

It is a MADE IN JAPAN product manufactured at a domestic factory.




-Petroleum-based surfactant

-Ultraviolet absorber

-Synthetic coloring

-Synthetic fragrances

-Fluorescent agent

-Mineral oil



How to use

Step 1

Take the mask out of the bag, spread it out, and fold down the holes for the eyes.

Step 2

Apply and adjust the position around the eyes and mouth, push down the mask to firmly attach it to the entire face, leave it for about 5 to 15 minutes, and then peel it off.

Step 3

Use the palm of your hands to press  the remaining serum into your skin all over your face.

Skincare step:


All ingredients (99% naturally derived ingredients / *organic ingredients) Water, rice fermented solution, pentylene glycol, rice bran oil, buckthorn seed extract*, tannic acid*, glyceryl caprylate*, sucinoyl aterello collagen, glucosyl ceramide, birch sap, crimazasa leaf extract, kujelma Nieragirata extract, honey, hamanus flower extract, lavender oil, placenta extract, sodium hyaluronic acid, potassium sorbate, squid oil, Italian cedar leaf oil, rhubathus fruit oil, bergamot fruit oil, rose marinade - Oil, sorbeth 60 tetraoleate, 10 polyglyceryl laurate, xanthan gum, betaine, scallops flower extract, butterfly extract, alpha-glucan, glycerin, sodium citrate, citric acid

* Because it contains natural ingredients, the color and fragrance may change depending on the storage situation, but there is no problem with the quality.

* Please use it on clean skin after washing your face.

* Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

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