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ICHI Natural Fit "Butterfly" Makeup Foundation

ICHI Natural Fit "Butterfly" Makeup Foundation

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Kyoto born cosmetic brand ICHI is dedicated to the art of researching and developing skin care products that represent the rich beauty traditions of Japan.

Experience the harmonious blend of natural ingredients like plum, Uji matcha tea, rice, sake lees, and soybeans, carefully selected for their remarkable compatibility with our skin and their profound cosmetic effects. 

ICHI Natural Fit "Butterfly" is a natural-based foundation that seamlessly blends with the skin, providing a flawless and long-lasting finish.

With its waterproof formulation, ICHI "Butterfly" is not only sweat-resistant but also offers excellent durability throughout the day.  SPF 15 protects your skin from sun damage.

Its unique formula, enriched with eight beauty-enhancing components: organic rice, sake lees, soy milk, green tea extract, soy bean extract, plum extract, rice bran, rapeseed, works harmoniously to nourish the skin, leaving it radiant and moisturized throughout the day. 

Allergy and patch testing ensure that this foundation is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Understanding the importance of maintaining skin health, "Moon" is designed to be gentle and breathable, allowing the skin to stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Ingredients: Hot spring water, cyclopentasiloxane, titanium dioxide, methyl methacrylate polymer, mica, pentylene glycol, dimethicone copolyol, talc, squalane, hydroxide Al, octyldodecyl elka acid, quaternium-18 bentonite, magnesium sulfate, iron oxides, stearic acid, dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, isostearic acid, (C12-14) palace-3, hydrogen dimethicone, (behenic acid/eicosanedioic acid) glyceryl, water, BG, betaine, sodium PCA, hydrolyzed silk, sorbitol, yukinoshita extract, rice bran sphingoglycolipid, soy milk fermentation liquid, ginkgo leaf extract, ume fruit extract, hydrolyzed rice extract, serine, glycine, sake lees extract, peach leaf extract, glutamic acid, hydrogenated lecithin, soybean seed extract, alanine, arginine, lysine, natto gum, methylparaben, threonine, tea leaf extract, lysophosphatidylcholine, proline.

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