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Homeo Beau

Homeo Beau Precious Lipo Cream

Homeo Beau Precious Lipo Cream

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Manufacturer: Homeo Beau

Volume: 30g

Product Description:

Homeo Beau Precious Lipo Cream —- A moisturizing and rejuvenating face cream with liposomal ingredients.

Homeo Beau's Precious Lipo skin care line is designed specifically for aging skin. This cosmetic line contains ingredients in the form of liposomes - capsules capable of crossing the skin barrier and delivering ingredients to the deep layers of the skin. liposomes penetrate deep in to the skin, helping to maintain the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

This cream contains RS-fullerene, which is a new type of fullerene that has a higher penetrating power due to the conversion of the starting fullerene material into liposomes. The beauty of fullerenes is their powerful and long-lasting antioxidant properties.

Fullerene also reduces the production of melanin, strengthening the cellular structure, and significantly whitens skin and age spots.

The cream bears the M.F. logo. (Moist Fullerene®), which is assigned only to products with the highest fullerene concentration and is proof of their high quality.

The cream also contains gold collagen, a unique ingredient that combines nanoscale gold with a peptide. This combination has been shown to be incredibly effective in caring for aging skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, which is the source of skin firmness and radiance.

Diamond SIRT is another luxurious anti-aging ingredient that combines peptides and diamonds — Improves the shine and firmness of the skin, gives it radiance.

Apple stem cells maintain skin density and moisture, which decreases with age. It is obtained by extracting and cultivating only rare stem cells from the Swiss apple. Stem cells are cells that are essential for cell regeneration and the repair of damaged tissues. This extract activates human epidermal stem cells, repairs damage caused by UV rays, and produces collagen to keep skin vibrant and youthful.

Artichoke leaf extract is a pore care ingredient. It significantly helps to reduce enlarged pores.

Proteoglycan has an excellent moisturizing effect and promotes regeneration.

Saccharomycete lysate extract has a whitening effect, brightens dark spots & pigmentation.

Collagen and elastin tighten sagging skin, while hyaluronic acid fills every cell with moisture.

Natural essential oils give the cream a relaxing scent.

How to use: After using the lotion and serum, take the required amount of cream with a spatula and apply it on 5 points on the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin), then spread over the entire face, neck, décolleté.

Skincare step:

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, chamomile flower extract, fullerene, apple stem cell extract, valtheria leaf extract, ferulic acid, saccharomycete lysate extract, acetyl tetrapeptide-11, kelp extract, gynostemma leaf extract, acetylheptapeptide-9, acetylpeptide-35 diamond powder, colloidal gold, silicon dioxide, water-soluble proteoglycan, artichoke extract, chalicacaba extract, plantain oil, sunflower oil, juniper oil, pelargonium oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil, Roman chamomile oil, glucosyl hyaluronate, hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, tocopherol

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