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HITOYURAI + 30 Premium Milky Lotion

HITOYURAI + 30 Premium Milky Lotion

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Hitoyurai is a professional anti-aging skincare line that delivers tangible results. Balanced formulas are effective, combining star ingredient human stem cell extract with proven botanicals, antioxidants, and other powerful skincare components.

Hitoyurai skin care targets the most common foes of aging skin: loss of elasticity, sagging, age spots, fine lines and dryness.

HITOYURAI + 30 Premium Milky Lotion is an ultra rich, fast-absorbing emulsion with deep penetrating and moisturizing effect. Milky lotion contains a large amount of active ingredients, aiming at elimination of  the signs of aging, pigmentation, smoothing wrinkles, moisturizing and general healing of the skin damage. It's a recommended skincare step for extra dry and dehydrated skin.

CDS encapsulation technology is used for effective transdermal delivery of active cosmetic ingredients. Instead of activating all at once on the surface, encapsulated coatings protect active components and release them slowly over time. This allows it to sink to deeper layers of your skin, where you can benefit most from active ingredients. 

Stem cell complex encourages skin cells to renew, activate cells to migrate towards skin damage and helps to build up skin’s structural layers damaged by the aging process.

Fullerene provides antioxidant protection against free radicals which are one of the key causes of aging.

Niacinamide is an essential and powerful anti-aging nutrient that helps build proteins in the skin and offers protection against environmental damage. It minimizes pore and wrinkle appearance by rebuilding the lipid barrier of the skin and keeping it well moisturized.

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, and squalane maintains a reliable barrier on its surface, which prevents the loss of moisture.

Application: apply a small amount of milk to the skin on clean skin a few minutes after using the lotion and serum.

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Volume: 80 ml

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