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Hanamisui Outclear Intimate Care Wash Liquid

Hanamisui Outclear Intimate Care Wash Liquid

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Outclear liquid type vaginal cleanser for daily use provides a delicate cleansing with a feeling of freshness, neutralises odours and brings a relief from itching.

Contains tea tree essential oil which able to calm and sooth sensitive skin. Hydrates and helps avoid vaginal dryness and itching.

Main Ingredients:

⦁ Persimmon Tannin (Removes smell )
⦁ Tea tree essential oil (to calm and soothe irritated skin)
⦁ Damascus rose hydrosol (Deep moisturizes and anti-aging)
⦁ Licorice extract (Improves skin’s protection against environmental damage)
⦁ Coconut oil (nourishes dry skin)
⦁ Papain ( exfoliates and smoothens skin)

Free of parabens and artificial colors with low pH level formula.

Suits sensitive skin.

Volume: 150 ml

Made in Japan.

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