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Esthe Pro Labo

Esthe Pro Labo Natural Fat-burning Heat Enzyme Gran Pro

Esthe Pro Labo Natural Fat-burning Heat Enzyme Gran Pro

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Heat Enzyme Gran Pro is created using the traditional Japanese technology of double fermentation in cypress barrels “hinokidaru”. Within 2 months according to a special technology using low temperatures the product is dried to a powder state. Therefore, the product is not subjected to heat treatment and retains all beneficial microorganisms and trace elements.

Contains enzymes from 60 types of vegetables, fruits and seaweeds.

It also contains coenzyme q10, B vitamins, vitamin C, 16 types of amino acids and L-carnitine a substance related to B vitamins that is known for its fat burning properties.

Heat Enzyme Pro is suitable for those who:

  • lead a sedentary lifestyle
  • wants to lose weight without harm to health
  • wants to increase efficiency from exercise
  • lacks fresh vegetables and fruits
  • wants to improve metabolism
  • experiencing a constant feeling of hunger

It is a powder that heats up in the body and provokes accelerated fat burning with a tasty raspberry flavor.

Free of artificial flavors, colors, synthetic sweeteners and sugar.

The product has passed all the necessary clinical tests and has certificates of quality and safety.

How to use: It is recommended to use 1-3 sachets per day. Pour the contents of the sachet into your mouth and dissolve slowly with water.

Volume: 30 sachets of 1 g

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