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Esthe Pro Labo

Esthe Pro Labo Placenta Gen-eki Pro High-concentration Serum

Esthe Pro Labo Placenta Gen-eki Pro High-concentration Serum

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At Esthe Pro Labo, the research team is always looking for the highest quality ingredients and latest technology to offer faster and better results, creating high-end products. The concept of Thoroughbred Horse Placenta skincare is based on using high purity horse placenta from Hokkaido and natural plant extracts with no additives. 


Thoroughbred Horse Placenta skin care is free of parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. 

Esthe Pro Labo Gen-eki is a high concentration serum based on 100% high-purity placenta extract. High concentration of active ingredients offers a remarkably powerful and effective treatment. Targets deeply damaged, wrinkled and dehydrated skin tissue. Stimulates cell renewal for smoother and softer skin. 

Horse placenta is a unique skincare ingredient that consists of more than 450 proteins, 10 types of collagen, glutamic acid, cytokines and growth factors that stimulate skin regeneration, enhance skin’s immune functions, improve skin elasticity and prevent skin aging.

How to use: high concentration serum can be used on its own as a face serum or added to the face creams and other skincare for accelerating their effectiveness (add 1-2 drops into your face cream right before the application). 

Skincare step:

Ingredients: Water, 1,2-Hexanediol, Horse Placenta Extract, Phenoxyethanol.

Volume: 20 ml

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