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DIREIA Zeru EMS Face & Scalp Device + DIREIA Stem Treatment Gel FOR FREE!

DIREIA Zeru EMS Face & Scalp Device + DIREIA Stem Treatment Gel FOR FREE!

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Manufacturer: DIREIA

Volume: 1 pc.

Product Description:

Limited Time Offer! Buy DIREIA Zeru EMS Face & Scalp Device  and get DIREIA Stem Treatment Gel FOR FREE!

Direia Zeru — An innovative combination of ionic cleansing, non-invasive meso, LED light therapy and high frequency EMS currents that penetrate deeper in to the skin.

Direia is the first in the world to use this type of electrical impulse to influence not only the face, but also the scalp, which can significantly improve the quality of hair care.

Recommended for those who are concerned about hair loss and slow hair growth, lack of volume, scalp problems - greasiness, inflammation, dandruff and itching.

Provides lifting, elimination of edema, prevention of ptosis, deep hydration and delivery of active serum formulations, lifting effect on the face, décolleté and chest.

It is also recommended for relieving swelling and tension in the arms and legs.

Results are visible with just one procedure!

All modes in this device work autonomously (except for LED light therapy). The device is intended for salon professional care, as well as for home use.

The device is waterproof, it can be washed and used on wet hair when washing with shampoo and applying masks and serums to the scalp.

This innovative device uses the patented PDM wave technology, which creates both high and low frequencies simultaneously, stimulating cellular processes in the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles.

High-frequency EMS current penetrates deeply, but doesn’t cause discomfort or irritation to skin. Muscles are gently stimulated, and improve lymph flow and capillary blood circulation.

Ionic Purification

The process sweeps impurities from the skin, which are not usually able to be removed by daily cleansing or ordinary cosmetics.

Deep cleansing is very useful for the scalp - blood circulation is significantly improved, on which hair growth directly depends, they stay fresh longer and retain volume at the roots.

Non-invasive mesotherapy “Electroporation” temporarily expands the distance between cells, which allows low-molecular serums to be actively moistened through the stratum corneum deep into the skin.

Thanks to unique brush-shaped electrodes, you can use electroporation on the scalp. In addition, this function can also be used on your entire body - decollete, chest, arms, abdomen.

Light therapy LED

The red spectrum stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity. Blue spectrum light relieves inflammation and has a sebum-regulating effect.

We highly recommend using Zeru for intensive hair regrowth, as well as for complex anti-aging care for the face and décolleté!

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