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Direia TO Stem Intensive BB Cream (Yellow)

Direia TO Stem Intensive BB Cream (Yellow)

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 Direia presents Direia TO, an exceptional skincare line that harnesses the potent properties of human stem cell extract. With remarkable anti-aging, rejuvenating, wrinkle-correcting, and renewing effects, this line is meticulously crafted for both home use and professional skincare salons.

+ TO stands for "Technology & Organic". As the second line of the Direia brand, it was born from the desire to have more people experience the revolutionary benefits of human stem cell culture skincare.

The Direia TO Stem Intensive BB Cream is an exceptional 2-in-1 cream that combines the benefits of stem cells for superior anti-aging skincare and flawless make-up coverage. Formulated with the patented Innovative 3D Nanotechnology®, this cream penetrates the skin effectively without relying on petroleum-based surfactants. It is thoughtfully designed to cater to all skin types, including sensitive ones, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive skincare and beautification.

Key Features:

+ Uses "Innovative 3D Nanotechnology®" which is a state-of-the-art technology developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical research laboratory. The key idea of this technology is better absorption of the components by improving the quality of penetration into the skin.

Direia has applied this technology to create a professional skincare line that promotes cell renewal, deep penetration in to the skin, and high concentrations of beneficial ingredients.

+ Thanks to its unique formula, this BB cream adapts to the texture of the skin, hiding all imperfections, giving radiance and brightness, and maintains a flawless look throughout the day. In addition, it blocks not only ultraviolet rays, but also blue light, as well as exhaust gases, pollen and microparticles that damage skin cells.

Key Ingredients:

+ Stem cells play a crucial role in renewing and revitalizing the skin by initiating the process of cellular rejuvenation and reactivating vital systems

+ Niacinamide effectively restores the dermis' barrier function, preventing peeling, irritation, and dehydration, while enhancing complexion and eliminating dullness.

+ Royal jelly slows down the aging process, promotes the production of natural collagen and smoothes wrinkles.

+ Hyaluronic acid and glycyrrhizic acid 2K deeply hydrate the skin, locking in moisture for extended periods, ensuring optimal hydration levels.

The essence of Damascus rose flowers are used to create a subtle aroma

 Available in two versions:

Yellow - Beige shade, masks pigmentation and dull complexion.

Pink - pink shade, suitable for lighter skin tones.

 Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. 

Does not contain alcohol, mineral oils, parabens, artificial fragrances.

How to use: Take a pearl-sized amount of cream on the back of your hand, apply the cream on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and evenly spread it with your middle and ring fingers. You can also use a brush or sponge.

Ingredients: Water, tetradecane, titanium dioxide, glycerin, hexyl laurate, ethylhexyl palmitate, polyglyceryl-6 polyricinoleate, Al hydroxide, iron oxide, stearic acid, (hydroxide/ carbonate) (Mg/Al/zinc), quaternium -18 bentonite, polyglyceryl-10 decaesostearate, human fat cell acclimatization culture fluid extract, hybrid rose flower water, niacinamide, damask rose flower oil, ascorbyl propyl hyaluronate, jojoba seed oil, hydrolyzed Royal jelly protein, hydrolyzed sesame protein PG-propyl methylsilanediol, capryloyl dipeptide-17, 2K glycyrrhizic acid, tocopherol, tocopherol acetate, jojoba ester, polyglyceryl isostearate -2, inulin stearate, pentylene glycol, lauroyl lysine, Mg sulfate, octyldodecanol, myristic acid, xanthan gum, trihydroxystearin, BG, tri(caprylic/capric) glyceryl, hydrogenated lecithin, 1,2 1,2-hexanediol, polysorbate 80, caprylyl glycol, acrylates copolymer, ethanol, (VP/polycarbamyl polyglycol) ester, phenoxyethanol

Volume: 25 g

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