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DIREIA Stem Repair The Eye cream

DIREIA Stem Repair The Eye cream

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Volume: 20 g

Recommended for use for 30 years old and over.

Direia's innovative HADS-ACTIVATOR COMPLEX line is the pinnacle of Japanese anti-ageing cosmeceutical technology.

Repair Eye Cream contains a proprietary complex of more than 200 types of stem cells and peptides with a refined formula for deep penetration of active ingredients.

The cream increases the production of collagen and elastin that helps skin tightening. Eyecream fills in wrinkles, makes the skin noticeably smoother and more elastic, inhibits the production of melanin, which leads to the appearance of pigmentation.

Stem cell extract works to repair damaged skin cells, be it moisture loss, increased pigment production or collagen deficiency, thus eliminating the imperfections and signs of ageing and improving the quality of the skin in general.

The CPSC COMPLEX formula protects the skin from damaging external factors such as ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and blue light (radiation from computer screens, smartphones, TVs), which lead to a loss in skin tone.

Rose and jasmine extracts moisturize the skin, maintain its elasticity and even out tone.



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