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Direia Stem Repair Cleansing

Direia Stem Repair Cleansing

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Manufacturer: DIREIA

Volume: 150 ml

Product Description

The Direia cosmetic line has an effect at a cellular level. It contains more than 200 types of growth agents and physiologically active substances that work on cell activation.

Thanks to it’s special formula, Direia Stem Repair Cleansing is suitable for both removing persistent makeup and daily washing without harming the skin’s natural protective barrier.

The washing product includes a unique mix of growth agents through Direia stem repair - the pinnacle of Japanese technologies in the field of anti-aging cosmeceuticals.

The technology to deliver active substances deep into the skin with Innovative 3D Nano technology made it possible to "pack in” liposome in the form of nano-sized fiber, penetrating the dermis and influencing cellular regeneration. In addition, liposome of this quality prolongs the moisturizing effect, releasing components gradually, so the skin feels content and optimally moisturized all day.

After several weeks of daily use of Direia Stem Repair, you will see noticeable results in lightening pigmentation and tightening facial contours.

Damascus rose extract moisturizes and softens the epidermis while soothing the skin.

The line is designed specifically for beauty salons but is suitable for home use.

How to use: take the required amount of product and apply to the face, massage and let the product mix well with makeup. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Skincare step:

Ingredients: water / DPG / PEG-8 glycerylizostearate / pentylene glycol / PEG-20 glyceryltriisostearate / glycerin / hybrid rose flower water / palmitoyl dipeptide-18 /capryloyldipeptide-17 / ascorbylpropyl hyaluronate / Extract of human fat cell chemical culture solution / Nigahacca extract / Glycyrrhizic acid 2K / hydrogenated lecithin / tocopherol acetate / ethylhexylglycerin / caprylylglycol / 1,2-hexandiol / BG / three (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl / polysorbate 80 / (acrylate / alkylacrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer / Sodium glycolate / potassium hydroxide / 4Na glutamate diacetate / Damascus rose oil

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