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DIREIA The Stem Serum Ex Some

DIREIA The Stem Serum Ex Some

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Volume: 30ml

Manufacturer: DIREIA, Japan

DIREIA Stem Serum Ex Some — is a stem cell extract serum.

Provides the skin with gentle, nourishing, rich moisture that is made without silicones, mineral oils and alcohol.

Main components:

-Human stem cells
-Placenta extract
-Hyaluronic acid
-Vitamin C
-Peptide Proliphil F4

Innovative 3D Nanotechnology has made it possible to “pack” the components into the liposome as nano-sized fibre, which penetrates the skin on a cellular level. The liposome of this quality prolongs the moisturizing effect of the cream, as it releases the components gradually, so the skin feels optimally moisturized during the day.

The revitalizing serum deeply nourishes and stabilizes skin condition and the ability to heal itself. It boosts collagen and elastin production (tightening the skin) and provides comprehensive anti-ageing care. Lightens pigmentation and improves complexion.

It has no contraindications, and is suitable for all skin types. Also suitable for the area around the eyes.

Product Features

A high concentration of human stem cell culture solution is added to the HADS-Activator Complex's unique ingredients with innovative 3D nanotechnology to awaken the natural regenerative power of the skin and keep the skin beautiful.

How to use

How to use

 Morning/evening face wash → After applying lotion, use an appropriate amount (1 to 2 pushes) and gently moisture your face or neck. Gently massage the entire face and apply it on the cheeks and eye areas.
 Please avoid excessive massage to the eyes.
 Use twice a day for one month.

Within a few weeks of daily use, results will start to show. Pigmentation will lighten and facial contours will tighten. The manufacturer’s data also shows a reduction in bags under the eyes, nasolabial folds, and small wrinkles.

Serum can be used separately or in combination with other products of the Direia line.


Ingredients: Water, BG, Glycerin, Human Stem Cells Added Cultivation, Human Fat-Derived Mendfolial Cell Exsoom, Synthetic Human GMO Origopeptide 1, Synthetic Human Genetically Modified Origopeptide-2, Synthetic Human Genetically Modified Polypeptide 10, Synthetic Human Genetically Modified Polypeptide. Doh 11, Synthetic Humanized Polypeptido 9, Synthetic Human GMO Polypeptido 60, Regulation Cell Culture 9, Origopeptide 24, Humorigo Peptido 1, Humorigopeptide 13, Humorigopeptide 2, Plastic Center Extract, Palmitoile Gyptide 18 Capriloilgy Peptido 17, ascorpic acid, ascorbyl propyl hyaluronic acid sodium hyaluronic acid arginine, oligopeptido34, hosphaticzirconine, lecithin, tri (capricylic acid / caprinic acid) glyceryl, hydroxyl. , Tocofe Acetate Roll, Sodium Phosphate, Polysorbate 80, Setanol, Dyed Oil, Milistyl Alcohol, EDTA-2Na, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Oleate, Carbomer, 1,2-Hexandiol, Phenoxyethanol

* Manufactured at the "ISO9001 certified factory" which is an international quality control system.
* It is manufactured at a factory that has acquired Ecocert certification. * “ECOCERT” is an international organic certification organization based in France. The standard is said to be the world standard for organic certification organizations.
* Stem cells are cultivated in a clean room that complies with GMP (Quality Control Standards for Pharmaceuticals, etc. established by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law), and handling is performed under the aseptic condition of a clean bench. It is managed by a management system that complies with GMP and drug level safety inspections are conducted.
* No artificial fragrances, artificial colors, mineral oils, parabens, silicones or UV absorbers are used.
* No genetically modified ingredients are used.
* No animal experiments are conducted during the product manufacturing process.


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