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DIREIA BB Cream SPF50 + / PA

DIREIA BB Cream SPF50 + / PA

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Volume: 40 g

Manufacturer: DIREIA, JAPAN

DIREIA Stem Concentrate BB Cream

This one of a kind BB Cream blends seamlessly onto skin, perfectly masks the pores and skin imperfections, evens out the skin tone while also protecting your skin from UV. A lightweight, long-wearing formula delivers deep hydration to your skin.

This unique BB cream not only covers the imperfections, but also cares about your skin condition. 

Human stem cell extract restores a youthful, luminous glow, rejuvenates and revitalizes skin at the cellular level, stimulates collagen and peptide production.

Other active ingredients:  peptides and proteins of royal jelly, hyaluronic acid.

Free of alcohol, parabens and silicones.

SPF50 + / PA filters.

Natural rose oil fragrance.

Available in two shades:

Yellow: for masking pigmentation and dull hues.

Pink: creates lighter, porcelain-like skin tone.



    INGREDIENTS: Water / Tetradecane / Titanium Oxide / Glycerin / Hexyl Laurate / Ethylhexyl Palmitate / Polyglyceryl-6 Polyricinoleate / Al Hydroxide / Iron Oxide / Stearic Acid / (Hydrolysis / Carbonate) (Mg / Al / Zinc) / Polyglyceryl decisostearate-10 / Pentylene glycol / Polyglyceryl isostearate-2 / Quotanium-18 Bentonite / Inulin stearate / Lauroyl lysine / Mg sulfate / Octyldodecanol / Myristic acid / Phenoxyethanol / Nioitenjiquaoi oil / Xanthan gum / Glycyrrhizic acid 2K / Johova ester / Human fat cell acclimation culture solution extract / Trihydroxystearic / BG / Ethanol / Tocopherol / Tri (capric acid / Capric acid) Glyceryl / Hydrolyzed royal jelly protein / Hydrogenated lecithin / 1, 2-Hexanediol / Polysorbate 80 / Caprylyl Glycol / Ascorbylpropyl Hyaluronate / Tocopherol Acetate / Acrylate Copolymer / Capriloyl Dipeptide-17 / Lauryl hydroxysultaine / Palmitoyl Dipeptide-18 / (VP / Polycarbamil Polyglycol) Ester / Hydrolyzed sesame protein PG propylmethylsilanediol / cetanol / myristyl alcohol / Na phosphate / lecithin / synthetic human gene recombinant oligopeptide-1 / synthetic human gene recombinant oligopeptide-2 / synthetic human gene recombinant polypeptide- 10 / Synthetic human gene recombinant polypeptide-11 / Synthetic human gene recombinant polypeptide-9 / Synthetic human gene recombinant polypeptide-60

    DIREIA is a professional brand of Japanese cosmetics, using the latest technologies in the beauty industry. The brand uses patented unique innovative 3D nanotechnology technology for ultra-deep penetration of nutrients into the layers of the epidermis.

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