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Ginza Tomato

CHIECO Rose Placenta Jewel

CHIECO Rose Placenta Jewel

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Manufacturer: Ginza Tomato

Volume: 10g * 30 sticks

Product Description:

Chieco Rose Placenta Jewel brings you delicious, vitamin supplement jelly made with rose placenta extract!

Chieco Rose Placenta Jewel is made up of a nutrient rich complex that contains rose placenta, collagen peptide (derived from fish), rose water and rose essential oil from damask rose, rosehip extract, vitamin C.

Rose placenta is extracted from seeds of the fruit of the Damascus rose, Rosa damascena, and more precisely, an extract of the cells from the site where the seeds are attached to the fetus. These cells are responsible for the development of the embryo from the seed, rich in growth factors, amino acids, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients.

Rose placenta extract activates keratinocytes and regenerates the stratum corneum. It promotes skin metabolism, which leads to the reproduction of the new skin cells to keep your skin a youthful glow and radiance.

In addition, it improves the ability to produce collagen through fibroblast activity which reduces wrinkles and restores skin elasticity!

Only 19.6 kcal in a daily dosage (2 sticks / 20 g)



Ingredients: Rose Placenta® + Bulgarian Damask Rose Oil and Water + Rosehip Extract + Collagen + Vitamin C

*Contains milk, apple, soy and gelatin derivatives.

How to use: consume 1-3 sticks throughout the day at your convenience

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